10 Transferable Skills For Job Searching

With national unemployment moving higher each passing month, candidates encounter significant competition for jobs. No matter what career field you are (or were) working in, there is undoubtedly knowledge and skill you possess that could appeal across many industries and fields. Do not limit yourself. Identify those skills and look for them at potential future employers. Following is a list of skill areas having broad application.

1. Problem-Solving

People who can identify problems, research solutions and make effective decisions are increasingly desired in such fields as business administration, management consulting, public administration, science, medicine and engineering.

2. Technical

Technology is advanced in all industries. Installation, testing and repair of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment in fields (such as engineering, telecommunications, and transportation) require people with advanced vocational-technical skills.

3. People Relations

Often, the success of a company depends upon how well people work together. It is the job of managers and administrators to understand people needs and how best to meet those needs within the confines of the employment environment. This can be especially good to include in executive resumes.


4. Computer Programming

It almost goes without saying that understanding how to harness a computer’s power and programming it to meet the specific needs of a particular company can dramatically increase your employment options.

5. Ability to Teach and Train

Our modern society develops and collects more new data in a day than our ancestors did in a year. As a result, there will continue to be a demand for people with teaching and training skills in the fields of education, social services, management and general commerce.

6. Science and Math

Great advances are made each day in the fields of science, medicine and engineering. People skilled in the sciences and math are needed to provide support by doing computational tasks and analysis in these fields.

7. Money Management

It is essential to carefully plan and manage personal finances. Investment brokers, security officers, retirement planners, accountants and CPAs require support staff with these skills to help meet this need.

8. Information Management

Knowledge is now seen as a major contributor to our economy, and individuals who possess the ability to manage information are critical. Systems analysts, information technologists, database administrators, knowledge managers, and telecommunication engineers are examples of positions utilizing information management skills.

9. Language

Global organizations depend upon people with the ability to speak a number of languages. Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and German have long been taught by many schools. Having this skill can enhance your employment opportunities and compensation.

10. Management

Understanding how to run a company is in demand. The ability to manage people, systems, resources and finances; to understand the needs of consumers and translating those needs into business opportunities is required by organizations large and small.

Perhaps you have skills from work performed for volunteer jobs. Be creative and study job descriptions of positions to which these might apply. Writing professional resumes emphasizing such pertinent skills may give you the edge necessary to make your job hunt a success.

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