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Why Eco Fresh Is Taking Network Marketing By Storm!

Why EcoFresh Is Taking Network Marketing by Storm!


Mark Manderville

Way back in the 1970 s before being green was the cool thing to do, EcoFresh product development got underway. Using specialized chemistry and ingredients derived from plants, trees, fruits and purified water a new cleaner and deodorizer were created. These cleaners and deodorizers were a full success as they killed odor on contact without using harmful bleach and ammonia bases. Unfortunately, this never gained enough recognition to get off the floor as most people were unaware of the harmful effects of these harsh chemicals people were obsessed with. Failure was not in the vocabulary for the men who, over 30 years later, brought EcoFresh back and are now leading the Green Revolution. Even better, EcoFresh has stretched its wings into the network marketing world.

EcoFresh is based in Dallas, Texas and led by Ron Dawson, the companies CEO, president and co-owner, who has been an advocate of the green movement for years. With the help of Michael Brandt, who is also a co-owner and visionary for EcoFresh, and Donnie Allen, CFO, at the helm, EcoFresh sells its green products through a form of network marketing. EcoFresh has a goal that has always been to develop products that eliminate odor on contact without having to use harmful chemicals in order to make that happen. They have had 30 years to perfect their trade!

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EcoFresh plant based formula, which is found in all of its products use things like de-ionized water, plant oils, tree extracts, and cereal grains to help for streak free and shiny surface cleaners. EcoFresh has also come up with a 3-in-1 cleaner that can be used on hard surfaces, on glass and in the air. Because the whole point of the company is to be green, they do not use any bleach, ammonia or alcohol in their product and they are also hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Then even carry a product that will help keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer and naturally. The 100% Money Back Guarantee with EcoFresh seems to seal the deal on that. These are just a few of the fascinating products in their lineup. They sell everything from cleaning products to pest control products.

Lastly, for all you network marketing fans, you are in luck as EcoFresh does sell in the form of network marketing. They offer the opportunity to market their products and become an EcoFresh consultant which would enable a person to earn money while selling EcoFresh product line. EcoFresh pays 8 levels deep on their compensation plan along with straight commission and bonuses to make your efforts green with money. Although this is a capped pay plan, having the right mlm tools to make sure you hit your bonuses is important. What also helps is that these products are not sold in stores and green is the new thing.

Overall, EcoFresh is on the right track to success in a time when going green is so important to society. Network marketing is all about the right company, the right timing and the right mlm tools to succeed in business and EcoFresh is definitely on track to be more than a one hit wonder from the 70 s in the network marketing community.

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