Features And Benefits Of Unified Storage Solutions

Features and Benefits of Unified Storage Solutions



One of the most crucial elements of every enterprise is data. It is the life force of an organization on which its daily operations and essential decisions are based. From important client contacts, tender quotations, details about mergers and acquisitions, legal documents to employee credentials every fall under this one broad head, i.e. data.

Therefore, every enterprise needs to secure this data from any kind of leakage, theft or third party attacks. This means it has to be stored well. Most companies store their huge data in

storage servers

that has many categories in it; one of them is unified storage systems.


Unified storage is also termed as Network Unified Storage i.e. NUS. This helps in enabling a user to function and monitor applications and other files from a device. Simultaneously the can consolidate block-based and file-based availability in a storage platform and assist in IP-base SAN, fiber channel SAN and NAS i.e. Network attached storage.


unified storage solution

help in monitoring block-based input/output and enable data storage. In most cases it is deployed as a NAS platform altered to contain block-mode support. The modern day unified storage solutions bring down the hardware needs of an organization. In place of the device storage, platforms such as the RAID disk array for block-based storage and NAS for unified storage, file based storage collects both the modes in a particular device. Similarly, the single device can also be implemented for a block or file storage as required by the user.

Leading service providers of unified storage solutions have also added personalized recovery, unified storage and backup solutions to their service portfolio. This is turn enables an enterprise to minimize backup costs, improve security and simplifies data recovery. Advanced Deduplication storage systems reduce the quantity of disk storage required to maintain and safeguard any enterprise data. The outmoded files and data are acknowledged the moment they are stored, unified storage provides a storage footprint that is mostly 10x 30x small when compared to the original data set. The data are retrieved and replicated effectively.

Unified storage solutions also offer storage consolidation. This is an interesting concept of sharing and consolidating storage resources amidst several application servers. This provides a shared platform to assign and monitor the rising demands for data storage, reducing the administrative initiatives and improving storage utilization.

Top notch market players of unified storage introduced storage consolidation solutions make use of innovative technologies. They are set up for maximizing storage assets, improve efficiencies, and conduct operations with the existing infrastructure and offer flexibility to influence future technologies.

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