Prospects Of Reusable Bags

The EU will promote anti-China plastic bag levy taxes, plastic bag manufacturing impact on China than Eve. May this year, according to the draft final ruling of the European Union, Chinese companies will receive 15.2% of the average tax rate. Industry generally believes that the European Union before the end of September last year released the final ruling should change did not effect Eve. The draft European Union in its final ruling, involving 107 Chinese companies, which are more concentrated in the product type color printing bags, drawstring bags, flat food bags, freezer bags, handbags, hand bags, nonwoven bags, side seal bags, almost Chinese exports to the EU include all varieties of plastic bags. Plastic products is one of China’s export commodities, and related employment issues. Once the EU to impose anti-China plastic bags to sell duty bound to affect the surface than Eve. Exports from the past, China will have an annual $ 300 million bags exported to the EU, if in accordance with the tariff, then the EU will impose $ 45.6 million more than China’s tariff, which will inevitably affect China’s enterprises in the industry production costs and keep growing. According to Tianjin, a respondent companies said that from May onwards, the company has no export orders from the European Union. Mission this year to undertake the processing completed in full measure to the end of September, when the workers can only leave to rest. Plastic case of “white pollution” more and more attention, to stimulate debate situation. “White pollution” is the title of the case of plastic waste pollution. Finally, be counted as litter bags, or sent to landfill, plastic bags by the time 400 years to be divided. European nations and even the world’s other regions, more and more methods are adopted to limit the number of retail supply of plastic bags. Ireland and Denmark have been present in the plastic bag tax, the French approach is also adopted related legislation to prohibit the use of plastic bags, while in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and the Netherlands, many retailers charge for plastic bags . China is currently no monitoring of plastic scale. China permitted in food packaging, plastic bags, PVC materials used in production, although non-toxic PVC, vinyl chloride monomer own but it is toxic. Especially the heated monomer break easily differentiate into the food. Therefore, many European and American countries are prohibited to use PVC rpet bag, South Korea is also considering disabling this material. Plastic bags for food produced in China, although the use of plasticizing agents and change agents develop a new national scale, but did not respond to the introduction of the detection scale. Environmental pocketed product development and production temporarily to wait. According to the survey, reusable Bag the same robust and durable biodegradable plastic bags, but the production costs higher. France’s permission to continue using the designated biodegradable plastic bags. This discarded plastic bags a year or two, you can divide the situation level, but also can save hundreds of barrels of oil. Several British supermarkets have been designated to use biodegradable plastic bags beginning. Chinese enterprises should actively improve the production style, to do research and development work to adapt to changing world market. Source:

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