The Waring Pro Waffle Maker (3)

By Joe R. Maldonado

If you are like most people you LOVE the taste of a steaming Belgian waffle and the Waring Pro Waffle Maker makes some of the best. Even if you never owned a waffle iron before you will enjoy making them on the Waring Pro Waffle Maker. Your family will love waking up to the smell of fresh waffles and you can make them a nutritious breakfast with out worrying so much about clean up.

Waring has been a staple in commercial kitchens more than 60 years. Today the Waring Pro Waffle Maker brings that knowledge base into your kitchen. This is a premium product that has been scaled to fit in a home environment. The Waring Pro Waffle Maker allows you to prepare the same rich, delectable, deep-pocketed waffles just like your favorite restaurant at home. It has an innovative folding handle, which allows for easier storage. Talk about convenience that is exactly what you get with the Waring Pro Waffle Maker. The design is easy on the eyes and the unit is easy to operate and to clean. The Waring Pro lije of waffle makers will make meals more entertaining, simple and delicious.

The Waring Pro only cooks one at a time but if you need to feed more people quicker the you will need the Waring Pro Double Belgian waffle maker. This machine bakes two of the deep pocket waffles at the same time from separate wells. The rotation of the cooking unit ensures that both waffles cook evenly. Waffles are great with just syrup but add whip cream, berries peaches or even ice cream and you have a waffle that is sublime. The deep pockets trap the juices of the fruits and stuff to make the waffle taste even better. You get 1-inch pockets on these models. The deeper the better when it comes to Belgian waffles.

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As with the regular Waring Pro Waffle Maker you get the toggle on/off and the Led display along with the audio signaling. The handle on the double is wedge shaped to make flipping easier. This model has a drip pan and 11 settings for cooking the most fantastic waffles you may ever have eaten. All the Waring Pro Waffle Makers have the non-stick plates for the easiest cleanups possible.

Now you can stay home and still enjoy the great taste of restaurant quality waffles with the Waring Pro Waffle Maker. The easy to clean finish, angled handle for easy flipping, removable drip pan and 11 cooking settings this machine has removed any excuse you might have had for serving less than fresh. Buy today and you could be making waffles at home for breakfast or brunch or even as a fancy dessert for guest. It really couldn’t get much easier than with the Waring Pro.

You can find all kinds of delightful recipes that will work perfectly with the Waring pro Waffle maker. They are all they’re waiting for you online. One of the great things about a Belgian waffle it is great with most any topping.

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