7 Tips On Faster Healing And Concealing Your Scars After A Face Lift

By Rena Graham

Although you might want take years off years from you face through the dramatic effects of face lift surgery, you also want to be discreet about it. When it’s time to go back to work, you would want your improved facial features to be noticed and not those postsurgical marks. So how do you promote faster healing and conceal those scars days after surgery? Here are seven tips that will help you heal faster and hide those scars more cleverly, like they never existed!

1. If you want to make sure that you get less chances of getting those visible ugly scars, find a good surgeon. When you go for a consult, ask for before and after photos, or ask on methods in which he can strategically hide incisions. This is all about technique so make sure that you find a surgeon who is experienced and has good client reviews. Make sure to find someone who is certified.

2. Faster healing means that you lessen the risk of any complications from happening. The trauma or wound made in surgery which is a good portal of entry for infection. If the scars close slowly, you put yourself in much greater risk for developing scars. To promote faster healing you need to eat healthy, avoid smoking and increase your water intake to nourish your skin better.


3. After surgery, make sure that you follow every post-op instruction the doctor provides. This means follow medication timing (especially antibiotics – to prevent infection to develop), cleanse your wound area regularly and avoid touching it with unwashed hands.

4. Scar creams are also very good to help lighten and reduce scar formation. From medicated creams to those that are infused with herbal extracts such as aloe vera. But make sure that you ask your doctor about this first, just to be safe.

5. You can also find scar treatments in your own kitchen. By simply slicing a lemon in half and rubbing it on your facial scars can actually help lighten them. You can also boil milk and then stir in honey, nutmeg and water once you bring it to a cool. Then apply this mixture on your scars using a cotton swab and let it stay on overnight.

6. Exfoliation is also an effective way to lighten those face lift scars. Through the fine particles that comes in contact with your skin through this process removes dead skin cells. It will result to a skin that will look younger, smoother and clearer. It also effectively lightens the scars after a couple of sessions.

7. Concealing your scars days after a face lift surgery require some amount of creativity with a dash of makeup. You can use a camouflage makeup which includes concealers, contour shadows and colour correctors. Concealers can help you hide discoloration and incision lines, just make sure that you choose one that matches your skin. Contour shadows can mask swelling by brushing it along the side of your face following the line of your cheekbones while you pucker. Colour correctors can help neutralize redness that may develop on the incision’s surrounding area.

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