Easy Ways To Make Your Toyota Truck Look Custom

By Tom Blackman

Custom pickup trucks have become all the rage. There are all types of modifications you can do to your new truck.

For new Toyota truck owners, the options can be a little overwhelming. Whether you choose to purchase stock parts or custom aftermarket parts, there are a ton of parts that will make your truck stand out from other trucks on the road.

Here are a few parts you can easily replace to give your Toyota that custom look.

Grille: The grille is the focal point of the front end of your truck. To make your truck stand out, you can replace the grille with a variety of grille patterns. Some of the most popular patterns and materials include mesh, billet, stainless steel, tubular and chrome.

Emblem: It’s very easy to give your Toyota truck a custom look by modifying the emblem. Many people change the standard chrome emblem to one that is a different color. Some people purchase pre-painted custom emblems from aftermarket parts dealers. Others purchase stock Toyota emblems and paint them for the custom look.

Side Molding: Customizing your Toyota’s side molding is a great way to enhance the look of your truck as well as protect it in the parking lot. There are lots of aftermarket options. Options include pointed-style molding and angled-style molding. This refers to how the ends of the molding are shaped.

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There also are some good stock options as well. You can purchase standard or deluxe molding when buying a new Toyota truck.

Lighting: Lighting is perhaps one of the more affordable options of enhancing your Toyota truck. Many people like to replace standard stock lighting with custom LED lighting. Colored lighting is sometimes used in the interior of the truck for a more custom look.

Be sure to look at your state laws regarding custom vehicle lighting before changing any lighting in your truck.

Bumpers: Bumpers are more expensive than lights, but replacing the bumper on your Toyota truck can make your truck stand out from the pack. Depending on your budget, there are all sorts of bumpers and guards you can install on your truck.

If you’re looking for a more economical option, consider purchasing a stock bumper and customizing it yourself.

Exhaust System: A custom exhaust system is one of the more noticeable modifications because of the noise it makes. Toyota as well as aftermarket companies provide a variety of options to choose from. With aftermarket parts, you can change the whole configuration of your Toyota’s exhaust system.

For a more classic look, you may want to upgrade to a higher-end stock exhaust system. Remember to check your state laws before making any significant changes to your exhaust system.

Hood: The truck hood is another option to consider customizing. Most people typically go aftermarket here. Custom hood options include keystone shaped hoods, carbon fiber hoods and eclipse hood scoops.

If you’re looking for a more economical customization, you can paint any stock hood a different color to make it stand out more.


When deciding what to customize on your truck, be sure to compare the stock and aftermarket parts. Many people tend to go straight for the aftermarket parts, but the manufacture also has a lot of great options. Stock Toyota Tundra parts and Toyota Tacoma parts are just as good as aftermarket parts.

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