How Parabond Hardwood Floor Polish Can Help You?

By William I. Neil

Floors are the base or the vast sea of attraction in a room. As the floors are the only part of the room that covers the maximum area and are far more observable than any other part or any other furniture. It is a must to keep our floors neat and tidy as they are repeatedly stepped over by people all round the clock. Cleaning the floors must be done as a daily schedule so as to keep them shining for several years. Apart from cleaning them daily, we must polish them at least once in six month. Whether it is a wooden floor or a cemented floor, one must have a proper eye on tear or shear of floors as they can adversely affect the beauty of the room or hall.

Using any polish is not at all advisable. Only reputed ones must be used so as they do not cost you later in your life. I would advice you to use some of the reputed ones like this. I personally have felt that it is the best polish so far. Some years ago I experienced a heavy non-stop rain and there was water in our house. After 3-4 days when the water was gone and the rain stopped, I observed that all my floor polish has been ruined by water. I used to use some cheap floor polish. But after that one of my friends advised me to use it and since then my floors are always shining and completely polished.


After so many years of my use I can comment that parabond floor polish is simple fabulous. It has got the ability to put a shine on the floors and it looks as if the floors are completely new! The house where I used to live had some dogs, which scratched the floor and made me polish every month. I put 3 coats on the floor and it really looked great and it lasted for more days than my previous paint. Two coats are more than sufficient. Not to mislead, but one coat also gives the same brilliant shine. (It just wears off sooner). My kitchen is almost polished with parabond floor polish as we have a lot of water spreading on the floors with a continuous tariff. The only catch is that the dog scratches do show up more with the shine.

Last but not the least I want to tell to all the readers that guests do come to our home at least 4-5 times in a week on an average but we never dare to think, what left an impression in their mind after visiting our house. We must rethink about furniture, show-piece in our house. Do they really leave an impression on our guests? The answer is loud and clear ‘No’ as because furniture and show pieces are almost available in each and every house. The only obsession that differs is some thing unique. That touches the soul of our guests and they remember it for a pretty long time in their life. That unique quality is only obtained from ‘Parabond Hardwood Floor Polish’.

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