Accounting Cover Letters Beyond The Ordinary}

Accounting Cover Letters Beyond The Ordinary


Heather Eagar

The salary levels and the demand for accounting jobs are both going through the roof. All companies need accounting personnel, whether they are pharmaceutical manufacturers, automotive companies, hotels or colleges; this is the reason for this job’s evergreen outlook. Given this background, writing the Get Noticed” cover letter for accounting has been the biggest challenge for candidates.

Accounting Cover Letter Intricacies

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The cover letter can be made noticeable by including the three fundamental qualities demanded of an accountant. The first one being the knowledge of the field of accounting; your proficiency in handling different accounting software and your educational background. Your reason for interest in that particular company and a willingness to take on the workload will demonstrate your keenness for the job. You should use action words/phrases such as Reduced non performing assets by 25% within a quarter”, which will project you as a results-oriented person. Another important aspect of writing a good accounting cover letter is that you should match your qualifications to the job for which you are applying. HR managers will always appreciate those who research the company beforehand and before taking action. From your point of view, research may also reveal a few points that you may not like about the company, so you may also end up saving yourself some time.

Don’t Be Boring

Include in your cover letter any extra training or certificates you have had in the past, your job responsibilities and achievements. Many candidates who search for an accounting job forget that they are seeking a position which bestows upon them great responsibility and their cover letter becomes boring and routine as a result, which fails miserably.

Don’t Forget Formatting

The above points must be made in the second paragraph of your cover letter. The first paragraph should be reserved for opening the letter; self-introduction, job-code references if applicable, and greeting. Thank the addressee in last paragraph and end on a positive note. Proofread the letter a couple of times for logic, flow, and spelling and grammar errors. Give your contact information in full at the top of the letter, matching the header of your resume.

On first glance, the field of accounting may seem to be boring and routine. If you look more deeply, you will find that it is an area of great responsibility and good potential for growth. Recruiters are accustomed to seeing boring, drab accounting cover letters. By following the steps above, you can give them something that they aren’t expecting and enhance your chances for an interview.

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