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Fdi International Telecom Review Customers And Distributors}

Submitted by: Ryan Paulin

Phone, internet and telecommunications services in general can be extremely expensive. Your current provider may throw on dozens of taxes, fees and surcharges to your bill, in order to make a profit off of you. They may even have you signed into a contract that requires you to pay a ridiculous amount of money if you want to switch providers before it expires. Luckily, there are companies out there who are looking to change the playing field. Telecommunications is a 4 trillion dollar a year industry, why deal with a company that is trying to rip you off when you can work with a company that wants you to make money off of your phone and other telecommunications services! FDI International is the company that you are going to want to be with.

Not only is FDI partnering with a industry leader to launch this service, but they are doing it to make telecommunications services affordable to everyone. Distributors can make money off of this great pricing as well, even though it might seem like it is impossible on the surface! There are several different payments that you can receive, based on what the customer decides that they want to buy. Right now, FDI is beginning to ramp up for their launch on August 14th, however, if you get in now you can already start marketing their services which include home phone, office phone, mobile phones and even internet! The prices are great, and in this economy, plenty of people are looking at anything they can do in order to cut their costs around their home. An unlimited amount of service on a mobile phone that is provided by will only cost about ten dollars a month.

YouTube Preview Image

Another great aspect of this company is that they are offering VOIP and internet access for next to nothing. In fact, their revolutionary VOIP software allows you to place VOIP calls on your existing internet connection, even if it is only a dial-up connection! Many other companies would make you think that this is impossible, and could only be done with a DSL or cable connection, but through revolutionary software, FDI is making it possible for everyone.

Yet another great part of the services that will be provided starting August 14th is the mobile phone service. Users will receive a free mobile phone that has as many features as a smart phone. In fact, the phones that users will receive will be able to do video calling. This means that you will be able to see the persons face on the other side of the phone call, so long as they have a compatible phone. This feature has never been offered before by a mobile phone company, and with the other great benefits makes these phones a hot item in the cellular phone marketplace.

Do not wait for Financial Destination Incorporation to launch their service. Join today as a user or distributor and make the changes you need to save yourself from the price gouging telecommunications companies.

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FDI International

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Saving For Retirement A Process For Change}

Saving for Retirement a Process for Change


Former Retiree

In my last article, you might recall that I mentioned a process that I used to help me turn my life toward wealth. Before I go into that process, however, I think it necessary to issue a caution. Most of us have been conditioned, almost from birth, into the belief that we should aspire to get a good education, to get a good job, with a good company as the road to the American Dream. That conditioning is so insidious and so complete that only 3 to 5 percent of the population either break free of it or are fortunate enough to be born into an environment where a different reality is taught.

What you do or dont do with your life is totally up to you. I know that many of us are so steeped in the societal conditioning that well never break free of it to the point where we will make some different choices. Most of us dont even know that we are conditioned. We rarely question what weve been taught by our families, friends, neighbors, teachers, ministers, and other authority figures. We dont know that if we continually repeat something to ourselves or if it is continually repeated to us by someone else, it eventually becomes learned and also becomes our reality. We just learn and then we do what weve learned for the most part. Once we accept learned information or behavior as our reality, it becomes a real challenge to change. That does not mean that we cannot change. It simply means that our lives are kind of placed on automatic pilot and we generally repeat the same kinds of experiences day after day with little variation. The will to change is pushed so far into the background that we seldom even think of attempting to override our automatic pilot.

Youve probably noticed that my previous articles dont include much dogma, nor do they have strong, evangelical positions, with the exception of my position that paycheck-to-paycheck employees ARE NOT PAID WHAT THEY ARE WORTH . There are two points, however, about which I feel very strongly and they are non-negotiable. To change YOU MUST HAVE (find or develop) A PROCESS, and YOU MUST MAKE A COMMITMENT. Living the 180 degree life is no joke! Were talking about your financial future. It is very serious, but at the same time you should also find ways to make it FUN.

Lets say that you have indeed concluded that you desire more of what you want from life, and youre ready to commit to a process for facilitating that change. You are truly going to begin living the 180 degree life; a life thats completely opposite the present one. Where do you start? What process do you use?

Step one in the process for change that I recommend is to make some uninterrupted time for your self. If you do this process properly, its going to take several sessions. Use as many sessions as you feel are necessary. DO NOT RUSH. Take out a sheet of paper, preferably lined. Draw a line down the middle of the page. On the left side of the page list ALL beliefs, situations, habits and conditions that you can think of that you do not want in your life because they do not serve you well. Here are a couple of mine: People are out to screw me financially. Rich people are selfish. My significant other is not a caring person. Ill never get ahead. Use as many sheets as necessary but keep the list to the left side of the vertical line. You might want to use headings for your list like Personal Relationships, Money, People, Skills, Abilities, etc. That should keep you busy until the next article.

Remember, you do not have to live on less in retirement. No matter where you are right now financially, you can build and enjoy a Million Dollar lifestyle retirement. Peace.

Harold L Lowe retired at age 62 when his six-figure income position was eliminated. He shockingly experienced a 50% reduction in his (combined pension and Social Security) income. Hes since learned that income reduction is faced by most paycheck-to-paycheck employees. Claim your copy of his Free, eye-opening Report Financial Planning for Retirement is not Enough! at

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Saving for Retirement a Process for Change}

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Series6 Pdf Download}

Submitted by: Richard Mills

Question: 1

Which of the following statements regarding closed-end investment companies is false?

A. A closed-end investment company may not issue preferred stock.

B. Shares of a closed-end company may sell for below the fund’s net asset value.

C. Closed-end companies may be either diversified or non-diversified.

D. The closed-end investment company does not pay taxes on the dividend and capital gain income it earns and distributes to its shareholders.

Answer: A



The false statement is that a closed-end investment company may not issue preferred stock. Although open-end companies (mutual funds) are prohibited from doing so, this is not a restriction governing closed-end companies. Closed-end companies shares sell on exchange floors and may trade below net asset value. Closed-end companies may be either diversified or non-diversified, and the income earned by the company and distributed to its shareholders is not taxed at the investment company level. It is taxed at the shareholder level only.

Question: 2

Pete Prophet, the manager of a bond mutual fund, is expecting interest rates to increase. All

else equal,

which of the following bonds would be the best investment under this assumption?

A. a Treasury strip with 15 years to maturity

B. a bond with a 10% coupon and 5 years to maturity

C. a bond with a 5% coupon and 10 years to maturity

D. a zero-coupon corporate bond with 12 years to maturity

Answer: B



If Pete is expecting interest rates to increase, the bond with a 10% coupon and 5 years to maturity is the best investment. If interest rates increase, bond prices fall, so he will want to invest in the bond that will have the lowest percentage decrease in price. This will be the bond with the shortest duration, which is the bond described in Choice B. It has the highest coupon and the fewest years to maturity.

Question: 3

Which of the following do not fall under the category of “advertisement,” as defined by FINRA?

I. scripts used in telemarketing the products of the member firm

II. a website maintained by the member firm

III. research reports that the member firm distributes to both its existing clients and its prospective clients

IV. sales material that a member firm distributes only to its institutional clients


I only


IV only


I, III, and IV only


III and IV only

Answer: C



Only the materials described in Selections I, III, and IV do not fall under the category of “advertisement,” as defined by FINR

A. Scripts (Selection I) and research reports (Selection II) are considered to be “sales literature,” not advertisements. Sales material that is distributed only to

institutional investors (Selection IV) is in a category all by itself.

Question: 4

Which of the following statements regarding a Coverdell Education Savings Plan (ESA) are true?

I. There are income limitations regarding those who may contribute to an ESA.

II. There is a maximum annual aggregate amount that can be contributed to a single beneficiary’s account.

III. Contributions to an ESA are tax deductible.


The monies must be used prior to the beneficiary’s 30th birthday for education-related expenses in order to avoid paying both taxes and a penalty.


I and II only


I and III only


I, II, and IV only


I, II, III, and IV

Answer: C



Only Statements I, II, and IV regarding an ESA are true. The ability to establish one is limited to those with an adjusted gross income specified by government guidelines, and there is a maximum annual aggregate amount that can be contributed to a single beneficiary’s account regardless of how many contributors there are to that account. If the monies are not used for education-related expenses prior to the beneficiary’s 30th birthday, there is a mandatory distribution requirement, at which point the distribution will be taxed as ordinary income and a 10% penalty will be assessed.

Question: 5

In mid-September, the stock of, Inc. (AMZN) is selling for $147.A January call option on the stock is selling for $6.10 and has a strike price of $160. This call option is:

A. at the money.

B. in the money.

C. out of the money.

D. overpriced. No one should pay $6.10 for the right to buy a share of stock for $160 when its current market price is only $147.

Answer: C



If is selling for $147 and the strike price on the option is $160, the call option is said to be out of the money since, even if an investor were given the option free, he would not benefit from exercising it at this time. If he did so, he would be paying $160 for a stock that is selling for only $147 on the open market. Even so, the option is not necessarily overpriced at $6.10 because the option has what is known as “time value” on it. The stock of has several months during which it could rise well above the $160 strike price on the option.

Question: 6

Mr. Cashout recently sold some mutual fund shares that he owned. The sale resulted in longterm capital gain income of $6,000. He also sold some shares of a stock he had purchased during the year and realized a short-term capital gain on the sale of $2,000. The sale of another individual stock resulted in a short-term capital loss of $3,500. Mr. Cashout also had some bonds that he had bought at a premium mature, resulting in a long-term capital loss of $500. What is Mr. Cashout’s net capital gain or loss from these transactions?

A. a net long-term capital gain of $4,500

B. a net long-term capital gain of $4,000

C. a net short-term capital loss of $4,000

D. a net long-term capital gain of $8,000

Answer: B



If Mr. Cashout sold mutual fund shares for a long-term capital gain of $6,000, had bonds that matured that resulted in a short-term capital loss of $500, and realized a short-term capital gain of $2,000 and a short-term capital loss of $3,500 on the sale of shares of individual stocks that he owned, he has a net long-term capital gain of $4,000. The long-term gains and losses are netted first: $6,000 – $500 = $ 5500 long-term gain. Then the short-term gains and losses are netted: $2,000 – $3,500 = -$1,500. The short-term capital loss can be used to offset part of the long-term capital gain, resulting in a ($5500 $ 1,500 =) $4,000 long-term capital gain.

Question: 7

Your nephew has asked you to help him formulate a financial plan for his family. Scott is 27 years old and has been employed as an associate with a law firm for two years. Sarah, his wife, is 26 years old and works in the human resources department of a large corporation. The couple is childless now, but they plan to begin a family in a few years. Together, they have accumulated $10,000 in a savings account and recently inherited $40,000 cash. They expect to be able to start saving at least $5,000 annually since their incomes more than meet their current needs. They each have employer-provided health insurance and retirement plans. Both have excellent upward mobility potential in their careers. They currently pay taxes at the marginal rate of 15%. Scott tells you that although they regularly read some of the more popular financial investment magazines, neither feels particularly knowledgeable about the world of investments. Based on this information, which of the following statements is true?

A. A greater than average percentage of their money should be invested in money market mutual funds to meet their needs for liquidity.

B. A greater than average percentage of their money should be invested in municipal bonds to minimize their currently high tax bill.

C. Although some money should be allocated to bond funds for diversification purposes, bond funds should be underweighted in favor of stock funds.

D. Purchasing power risk is not an issue in their situation.

Answer: C



Given that Scott and Sarah already have a nice nest egg started at their relatively young ages and are expecting to be able to contribute more to it, with no obvious need for current income, some of their money should be allocated to bond funds for diversification purposes, but bond funds should be underweighted in favor of stock funds. Purchasing power risk is an issue for them, and bond funds do not provide the inflation hedge that stock funds do. At the current time, municipal bond funds should not be selected since they pay taxes at a low marginal tax rate. This allocation may need to be changed down the road a bit as their tax rate (and other circumstances) change. Only a minimal amount of money should be allocated to a money market fund since the couple has no need for current income, and money market funds offer low returns.

About the Author: Test Information:Total Questions 325Test Number: SERIES6Vendor Name: FINRACert Name: FINRA CertificationTest Name: Investment Company and Variable Contracts Products Representative Examination (IR)Official Site:

For More Details:

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3 Tips For Choosing The Best Network Marketing Business Opportunity

By Jason Paul

Let’s face it. Trying to find the best network marketing business opportunity can be frustrating. There are literally a million different deals out there today and finding the right one for you can seem like an endless task.

Have no fear. In this brief article, I’m going to give you 3 tips you can begin using today to help you find the best MLM business for you. Hopefully by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have a better idea of what things are important in an MLM opportunity and be better able to make a decision and get started!

The first thing that I consider to be important in a network marketing business opportunity is how easily the program is duplicated. Is there a huge learning curve? How long does it typically take a newcomer to start earning money? Is this something that your grandmother could realistically do? These are all questions that I ask myself when I’m evaluating any MLM. The bottom line is — if an opportunity isn’t easily duplicated, your downline probably won’t grow and you’ll end up spending way too much time trying to build your business. An MLM that is easily duplicated is viral, and that’s exactly what you’re after.

YouTube Preview Image

The second thing that I look at is whether or not the compensation plan is exciting. If an MLM compensation plan pays out very little, it makes it harder for me (and everyone else) to earn money. You’re going to devote the same amount of time promoting a lower compensation MLM as you will a high paying one, so why not choose the one that will reward you the most for your time?

Lastly, you should have access to upline mentors who have actually built the business, have made (and learned from) mistakes, and are willing to give you helpful advice. In many network marketing opportunities, once you’re enrolled you never see or hear from your upline again. Mentorship is one of the most valuable things you can tap into to become successful, make sure that whatever MLM you decide on offers you just that.

Hopefully this short article has given you some ideas on how to choose the best network marketing business opportunity. But always remember, even the best MLM deal in the world won’t make you wealthy without effort on your part.

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R Eviews And Benifits Of Currenciesdirct

REviews and benifits of currenciesdirct


Mr vikas Gupta

Currencies Direct is dedicated to giving its customers the very best of products and services. The best quality services come from knowing exactly what our customers want and how we can improve. Currencies Direct has seen dynamic growth based on a determination to overcome boundaries and provide value and innovation in the foreign exchange arena. Currencies Direct offers an integrated foreign exchange and international payment solution. Currencies Direct has offices in the UK, Spain, South Africa and Portugal.It offers foreign exchange services to individuals and small businesses competing against the banks with forward contracts, Telegraphic transfer, Risk Solutions and online payments. It provides these for foreign home buying, emigration, Imports and Exports, Overseas education and regular transfer.

All clients at Foreign Currencies Direct can rest assured because the transaction accounts are held safely within Lloyds TSB Bank. The company uses the Irrevocable Payment Document to provide clients with proof of payment. This equals out to fast, efficient and safe transfers. Foreign Currencies Direct is a PLS and is authorized by the Financial Services Authority. Accounts at the company are audited every year by Price Waterhouse Coopers to ensure that everything is above board.Foreign Currencies Direct ensures that each client talks to the same person each time they call.Challenging traditional banking conventions, Currencies Direct guarantees to beat any retail bank both in price and service. From the moment they were established their aim has been simple. To provide a personalised service and save clients money from dealing with traditional banks.Make regular payments overseas Mortgage, maintenance, insurance – whatever your reason for making regular money transfers Currencies Direct\’s Overseas Regular Money Transfer Plan can save you money. With free forex transfers, great foreign exchange rates and low minimum amounts they really make it easy to keep benefiting from their great service. Click here for more information.Increasing your spending power Because they deal directly with the currency markets they can offer the best foreign money exchange rates that the banks find hard to beat. These great foreign currency exchange rates mean that you get more for your money.

YouTube Preview Image

Currenciesdirect provides currency exchange services in a number of different countries to individuals and small businesses.Currencies Direct have developed an innovative range of products and currency transfer services that can help to minimise your foreign exchange risks and take the hassle out of international payments.Currencies Direct takes pride in obtaining rates of exchange for foreign currencies which are not only competitive, but in most cases are superior to the commercial rates offered by banks and financial institutions.With more and more of our customers buying property overseas, particularly in the Spanish resorts, Currencies Direct feels it is essential that they are well looked after during every stage of the purchasing process.Part of that process involves the exchange and transfer of funds to cover the cost of their new home. Our aim is to make that process as efficient and cost effective as possible.

peter,for information on Worldfirst,



Western Union

,Travelex,HIFX,Axia FX,AFEX.Please visit our site:

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Free Paid Online Surveys Your Key To Easy Extra Income

By Jorge Chavez

One of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet to take free paid online surveys. Thousands of surveys are being made every week. To get people to participate and fill out those surveys, the survey makers pay participants in cash or equivalent.

How does this work? What are the requirements to participate? How do you make good money at doing this? Read on…

Very big money is being paid out to people who participate in free paid online surveys. How can these be “free” and “paid” at the same time? It’s because they are free to take, to read to study, whatever. They are free to take. But you get paid for turning in the filled-out survey questionnaire.

What are the requirements to participate? It’s easy! The only requirements are that you be a consumer, 18 years old or older, have access to the internet and enough technical knowledge to be able to send and receive e-mails. That’s it! Would you qualify? If so then you could make money taking free paid online surveys.

YouTube Preview Image

How much do you get paid? Most paid surveys pay between $10 and $25, depending on the subject and the length of the survey. This for 5 to 20 minutes of your time. While that’s not a lot of money, if you use half an hour’s time to take one $10 and one $25 survey per day, you would make over $1,000 in a month!

What do I mean by “Very big money…”? Well, there are more than 800 survey makers, companies looking for survey participants to fill out their surveys, in the U.S. There are more than 3,000 worldwide. Just one of these, Greenfield Online for example, paid out over $4.2 million to its survey participants in 2007!

[You can type into your browser window, visit their site and see for yourself!]

You are welcome to follow the link above and check them out. They are a public company whose shares are traded on the stock exchange. They tell the truth. If they didn’t they would be sued!

To make money at taking free paid online surveys you will need to be registered as a potential survey taker with a number of good survey makers, say 150 – 200. You sign up online; there is no charge to register. You might get only a few free paid online surveys a year from each one, but they add up. It’s in the numbers.

The problem will be to get a good list of good survey makers that really pay (about 40% of them do not). The best way to get such a list is to join a good paid survey membership site. As a member you can get a copy of the list that they maintain. Pick a site with a strong guarantee and a low refund rate.

Once you get your copy of their list, set up a separate free e-mail address (such as with Yahoo or Gmail) and use that for your paid survey work. Sign up with all of the survey makers that you can, then be prepared to sort them out. There are always some sales companies that manage to sneak in and try to sell you things.

If they send you more sales offers than surveys, put them in your spam file or blacklist them with your e-mail service provider. Don’t let them from bother you. It’s like sorting out beans fresh from the thresher. Sort out the rocks, leaves, twigs, etc. and throw them away. Keep the beans (good survey makers)!

For more information about free paid online surveys and how to make money with them, follow the links below…

About the Author: For more on how to take free paid online surveys for cash and make money:

Free Paid Online Surveys.

For more about refund rates, comparing paid survey sites to pick the best one:

Paid Survey Site Rankings

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Windmill Palm Trees, Tropical Accent Plants, Cold Hardy For Northern United States And Canadian Gardens

By Pat Malcolm

The Cold Hardy Windmill Fan Palm tree originated on the island of Chusan off the east coast of China, and the Windmill palm tree is often called the Chinese or Chusan Fan Palm. Robert Fortune smuggled Windmill palm plants from China into the Kew Horticultural Gardens and into the Royal garden of Prince Albert of England in 1849 after the Opium Wars of China ended. The Windmill Palm tree was named in Latin, Trachycarpus fortunei, after Robert Fortune, and after 158 years, in the year 2007, these Windmill Fan Palm trees are still growing gracefully as a distinguished, exotic, rare tree at Kew Gardens, a palm of noble bearing.

From Kew Gardens in England, the Windmill Palm tree was spread throughout Europe, from the Mediterranean hot climates of Italy and Greece to a cold hardy testing ground in the landscape gardens of Switzerland and Bulgaria, where the Windmill Palm trees have remarkably survived, leaves even remaining green when covered with ice or snow. During the past seven years, truckloads of Windmill Fan Palm trees have been transported and planted in Canada and have survived the extreme cold winters in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, and Michigan.

YouTube Preview Image

Although most Windmill Palm nursery growers are conservative in recommending the Windmill Palm tree planting to be restricted to growing in zones 8-10; other Windmill Palm Nursery growers recommend and guarantee this rare palm tree to grow in zones 3-10. There has been a rush by Northern nursery retailers to plant Windmill Palm trees for the home gardener, who wants that tropical look and accent around his pool or patio. The Windmill Palm tree is planted at plant nurseries from seed, where they grow about one foot each year. The slow growth of the Windmill Palm is partially responsible for its cold hardiness. Another characteristic that is inherently cold hardy is that the fibers that cover the trunk insulate the growing center of the tree. The brown-gray color of the burlap-like fibers cover the trunk like a wool covering in winter, and the dark color attracts the warmth of the sunlight. A coarse green wax covers the leaves and stems to make the Windmill Palm tree even more cold hardy.

The Windmill Palm tree is most often grown as a solitary, single trunk plant, however, some Windmill Palm nursery growers offer double or triple trees growing in the same container as large as 100 gallons. These huge 10 foot tall Windmill Palm trees are choice, tropical looking specimens for malls and at entrances to governmental buildings. The Windmill Palm tree can be easily shipped by UPS on short orders, and large Windmill Palm trees can be shipped by semi-truck, motor freight lines. Shipping Windmill Palm trees can be easily done any season, and the survival rate is excellent for large specimens. Very large specimens of Windmill Palm trees have been recently installed at the entrance of the new Cloister Resort Hotela 5-star hotellocated at Sea Island, Georgia, where the Windmill Palm tree is not only tropical in appearance and cold hardy, but completely resistant to the Atlantic Ocean salt water air problems. The Cloister hotel has grown smaller Windmill Palm trees at various out buildings for past years successfully. The expense of installing large Windmill Palm trees can be offset by planting small specimens that can be expected to grow about one foot each year. Because of the recent success of planting large specimen trees of the tropical looking Windmill Palm tree in Canada and Northern U.S. States, many gardeners are now experimenting with planting small Windmill Palm trees in the North, before the plant has developed a sufficient dense fiber covering to make the tree cold hardy enough to survive the deep freezes in the Northern States.

Typically the Windmill Palm tree has a history of surviving over 150 years of age in the Western World at a height of 40 feet, but accurate reports of Windmill Palm trees, native to the Island of Chusan in Eastern China, do not exist in translated texts, but conceivably could reach 100 feet in height. The rapid growth of Western influence on the development of China will undoubtedly reveal many more interesting botanical, developmental facts concerning the Windmill Palm tree in the near future.

The Windmill Palm tree appears to have all the perfection of tropical landscape gardening requirements for growing throughout the United States and cold hardy areas of Canada and Europe. Most types of soils are acceptable for growing Windmill Palms. Very few insect and disease problems exist to endanger growing Windmill Fan Palm trees. Even through slow growing, the Windmill Palm captivates the tropically minded gardener for pool and courtyard plantings. The Windmill Palm tree grows as separate male and female plants, and the date that is produced is inedible, resulting from the yellow, pleasantly, perfumed flowers that grow into blue seed, round and one-half inch in diameter.

About the Author: Patrick A. Malcolm, owner of

TyTy Nursery

, has an M.S. degree in Biochemistry and has cultivated plants for over three decades.


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Best Car Loan Rate Finding Cheap Rates Online

By Carrie Reeder

There are many ways to find the lowest car rate online. Today, many lenders offer car loans for all credit types. Because of this, many smart buyers are shopping around for the lowest rate before accepting an auto loan offer. Having good credit makes it a little easier to secure low rate financing. On the other hand, if you have a low credit score, it may take a bit more effort on your part to find the cheapest rate.

What Contributes to a Low Rate Auto Loan?

Aside from comparing quotes from various lenders, other factors make obtaining a low rate possible. For starters, individuals with a strong credit history are more likely to receive offers with low rates. Never underestimate the importance of establishing and maintaining a good payment history with creditors. By following a few simple rules, you can easily boost your three digit credit score.

YouTube Preview Image

If you are determined to get a low rate auto loan, make sure that all creditors receive payments on time. Skipped or missed payments will decrease your credit score by a few points. If this becomes a habitual problem, your credit score will suffer.

Moreover, avoid applying for many lines of credits within a short period of time. Credit inquiries are equally damaging. Lastly, reduce debts. Having too much debt can actually decrease your credit score. Additionally, it counts against your debt-to-income ratio, which may make it difficult to qualify for a more expensive vehicle.

Use an Online Auto Loan Broker

To find the cheapest auto loan rate, you must be willing to search for them. Several lenders advertise low rate auto loans. These loans are generally reserved for individuals with superb credit ratings. However, it is possible to get a good rate with perfect, fair, even bad credit.

Auto loan brokers provide a valuable service. If you are having trouble finding a good lender, think about using a broker. Brokers have dealings with many lenders and are familiar with various loans. Additionally, brokers provide a unique service by matching you with up to four different lenders. This is great for comparing and contrasting different offers.

About the Author: Go to to find a Low Interest Rate Car Loan. ABC Loan Guide’s lenders are reputable and competitive in their rates.


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Marketing Career Information

By Francois Botha

Over the past few years marketing has become one of the most popular career fields among college graduates. If you are interested in taking up a career in marketing you will not have to look to far in order to obtain the necessary information. There are plenty of details surrounding this industry, and all you have to do is find what you are looking for.

The first thing that you may want to know about marketing careers is what they entail. The fact of the matter is that there are many different types of marketing careers that you may be interested in. If you are not sure as to what types of careers you can choose from you will never be able to make the right decision. The field of marketing covers everything from high level executives to assistants. In addition, you may even want to open your own marketing firm so that you can call the shots. When it comes down to it all of these choices are yours.

YouTube Preview Image

Another thing to know about a career in marketing is that there is a lot of competition. Liked mentioned above, more and more college graduates are deciding that a career in marketing is right for them. This shows that there is a large demand for marketing professionals, but at the same time it also means that you will be up against quite a bit of competition. If you want to land the marketing career of your dreams and beat out the rest you will have to do something to set yourself apart from the crowd.

To find more information on marketing careers get in touch with an advisor, or simply search the internet. If you are in college your advisor should be able to point you in the right direction, and if not you can do all of your research online.

Overall, a career in marketing may be the perfect choice for you. As long as you are qualified you should be able to find plenty of jobs that would suit your needs.

About the Author: Francois is an expert on career and job advice. He has a website dedicated to

career descriptions

. Check out the

list of careers



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How To Prepare For A Psychometric Test

By Paul Newton

Designed to quantify candidates’ abilities, including how they would respond to practical work situations, psychometric tests are becoming a familiar part of the recruitment selection process. As such, candidates should be prepared to face the psychometric test just as they would be prepared for an interview. But, what can you do to ensure you give your optimum performance on the day?

It is possible to revive seemingly lost skills by exercising particular parts of the brain. For example, prior to a psychometric test involving verbal reasoning, time spent playing word games and doing crosswords puzzles will certainly pay dividends. Another valuable activity that will strengthen your analysis and communication skills is reading in-depth articles in business journals and summarising their key points. What at first may seem like a hard slog will soon begin to come naturally.

As for numerical reasoning, practise basic mental arithmetic including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages and ratios. In addition, familiarise yourself with the different ways of presenting data visually – graphs, pie charts, histograms, etc. Psychometric tests are geared towards assessing your ability to handle information rather than perform straightforward calculations, so practise extracting specific facts from data presented in various forms. You can find this kind of data in the financial press and technical manuals as well as mathematical text books.

If you feel your arithmetic is just too rusty to be of any use, go back to basics and practise simple calculations and run through your times tables up to 12 until it feels familiar once more. If you wish, you could join a basic numeracy course. Details of these will be available from

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libraries and careers advisors.

Once you have reinvigorated your verbal and numerical skills, put them into practice using sample questions from actual psychometrical tests.

Examples of test questions are available from It is a fact that practise of actual papers improves candidates’ scores, so try as many examples as you can.

As well as all this mental ‘limbering up’, there are techniques to be learnt that can prevent you from losing marks unnecessarily. Most obviously, make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the day of the test, and get there in plenty of time to ensure you are feeling relaxed

and ready to give your best effort. When you actually sit down to take the test, listen carefully to the instructions and ask if you have any questions. One query that is certainly worth making is if marks will be deducted for incorrect answers. If they are not, then answer every question, even it’s only your best guess. With numerical tests, you can often eliminate many of the possible answers without having to perform time-consuming calculations for each one by simply making a rough estimate. Finally, don’t worry, if you don’t finish all the questions in time, many psychometric tests are deliberately designed to have a surplus of questions, but if you do have time at the end, check over your answers.

Clearly, the kind of preparation suggested here cannot guarantee a pass, but it can ensure you give it your best shot. And if you don’t succeed at your first test, think of it as good preparation for the next!

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