An Example Of Good Dentist Preventative Care

An Example of Good Dentist Preventative Care


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When I was about seventeen years old my dentist at our family dentistry told me that my oral hygiene was great, but my oral hereditary would probably require a procedure I had never heard of in my years of dentist visits. At the age of seventeen my dental/oral gums were receding too quickly, my dentist told me, and in time wouldn\’t be able to support my teeth. No matter how good of dental and oral care I took of my oral health and gums, because of my dental hereditary, my dentist said, I might be toothless at a younger age than I wanted to be because my oral tissue in one part of my oral cavity wasn\’t giving the support my teeth needed. Luckily this oral care problem was caught early by my dentist.


This dental experience is a great health services example of the preventative care that a dentist performs. I never would have known, without a dentist monitoring my oral health, that my oral gums were receding too quickly. Without the dentist visits, I did notice a little of what was happening in my oral cavity, but I didn\’t know I would be toothless earlier than I wanted to be in my health and dental care life.

Even without my dentist saying, I knew it was a good thing for my dental health and my parent\’s pocket-book that the only oral care I needed to repair my receding oral gum line was around my bottom, front six teeth. My dentist said, the rest of my oral health looked good in regards to my gum line providing life-long health and support to my teeth.

The health services a dentist provides to the community is invaluable, even to the younger generation. A lot of people think about the need for a dentist specialist for the younger generation for dentist cosmetic reasons like braces. But, a dentist services community much more than just cosmetic health services. A dentist provides preventative care and oral health education to his/her clients. The younger someone starts going to the dentist regularly for regular oral care, even if it\’s just preventative care twice a year, this will make all the difference in the world for that person\’s over-all life-time health, not just their oral/dental health, but their entire health which also affects their enjoyment of life.

Back to the story about my dental procedure at age seventeen which my dentist suggested… I remember going to a dentist specialist that my regular family dentist suggested. This dentist who went to a different dental school had more training and expertise in the dental procedure I needed–a gum graft. This dentist explained that the dental procedure was like a skin graft, but instead the dentist would take oral tissue from the top of my mouth and graft it into my gums at the bottom of my oral cavity. The dentist would put the oral tissue around my teeth where the oral tissue there was receding. The dentist explained, in a sensitive and understandable way to his seventeen year old dental patient who was very nervous that the only real risk would be that my oral tissue that he grafted would be rejected by the bottom of my mouth and cause even more oral tissue receding. But, my dentist explained, this was highly unlikely since the oral tissue would by my own oral tissue.

I\’m glad to say that my dental procedure still remains effective today, thirteen years later, which means my dentist did a fantastic job AND I have fantastic oral health from great oral hygiene care habits!

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