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5 Ways To Sparkle Your Silver Jewellery To Keep The Nostalgia Alive}

5 Ways to Sparkle Your Silver Jewellery to Keep the Nostalgia Alive


Alison Firth

Jewellery has been representing ones pride and status as well as enhancing the appearance of an individual for centuries. Women, especially, showcase strong fascination for collecting different styles of jewellery. However, gifting silver jewellery carries out emotions of the giver. Silver stands to be the most preferred metal for our ancestral. They used to celebrate the occasions by blessing their descendants or grand children with some silver gifts. Today, the designs are wonderfully customized by the jewelers. But, how silver jewelry is involving the same sentiment till today?

A silver piece is purchased and worn by one person, and then, it quickly passed to the next generation. Throughout the journey, that jewellery becomes the witness of loads of moments and it preserves them all as well. Silver is plain enough and considered to be the best metal that can go with a regular outfit. Also, the unique silver jewellery suits the bold and gorgeous clothing. This metal is used in loads of adornments such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings etc. in the contemporary jewellery segment. Moreover, the designer pieces are becoming more popular amongst the jewellery collectors.

It is an inevitable fact that after exposing to the air, silver often starts developing black coats. This coating appears for the oxidative reactions with sulphur. Though these coats dont lead the jewellery towards damage, but, it looks unsightly.

However, you can find out five effective tips below that will prevent your silver piece from tarnishing

Use it in perfect way:

There are plenty of triggers that can make this finicky metal cause tarnish. Shield it from some chemicals to keep your jewellery shiny. Are you getting ready for some occasions? Then, make sure you are putting the silver jewellery just before heading out. It protects that silver piece from your perfumes, lotions and makeup. And after returning, the silver piece should be the first thing to remove. Dont wear silver while washing dishes or having a shower.

Store them in right place:

The silver pieces must not come into the contact of air. Wrap these jewelleries in tissue or store them in Ziploc bags. Never keep any kind of rubber band close to your silver pieces. The rubber bands begin to age as well as release sulphur. Hence, it may lead your jewellery towards tarnishing. To avoid tarnishing, you can store them with silica packets. It will help you to eliminate excess moisture. If you cannot find any silica packet in your house, then you can use a stick of chalk as it will work just the same.

Polish to keep shiny:

Being a soft metal, silver may easily get scratched if its not handled carefully. If you use an abrasive cloth, it may make the thing worse. However, buy soft anti-tarnish wipes to remove the dust from your silver pieces. The wipes, soaked in a lotion, usually absorb the excess sulphur and oxygen from air. Hence, wipe the silver pieces regularly to make them shine like new.

DIY silver cleaning solution at home:

Sometimes, simple solution comes up with more effective results. One can use an ammonia-free dishwashing liquid to clean their silver things. Also, you can use another pocket-friendly simple method to eliminate the tarnish from your jewellery. Mix 1 part of baking soda with 2 parts of water and make it a paste. Add more water in case of cleaning a silver piece that consists of more delicate designs and features. Make sure the paste doesnt stick into the corners.

Ask your professional jeweller to clean them:

If you are afraid of cleaning the silver pieces, then you can carry them to your professional jeweller. The jewellery experts have special equipments to remove the layers of tarnish. Additionally, the professional jewellers take outmost care of your silver pieces so that it quickly reveals the sparkling silver underneath.

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