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Potting Shed Plans Building A Potting Shed In Your Garden

Submitted by: Joseph Quincy

If you have a garden full of baby plants, potted fruits, vegetables and crops, but no potting shed then you need to get your hands on a few potting shed plans as soon as possible. This is because your potting equipment, gardening tools, and seedlings need to be kept in a safe and secure place. You certainly do not want your tools lying around unprotected, nor would you want your tools to get rusty because they are exposed to harsh weather conditions and damages that the elements can bring. You need a potting shed to keep them all organized and clean. Searching for shed plans is the first step in building a potting shed in your garden.

A good potting shed plan is one that actually provides space not only for your hardware but for your pots and other plants as well. Some of those who grow a collection of small plants and flowers will enjoy having a shed that shelters their creations.

The first thing that a person has to do is to search for the right potting shed plan – it must not be too small nor should it be too big. The other matter is the skill levels required in creating the shed itself. Unlike other sheds, potting shed plans have extra room for pots and plants. Some include a small greenhouse in the potting shed itself.

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The extra space for pots and plants will require more woodworking skills and more materials. At first, these could be an intimidating task, but regardless of how difficult potting sheds might seem, homeowners with an attention to detail can still create one all by themselves.

The first step is to ready the foundation and the flooring of your potting shed. This means installing concrete columns at which your deck will rest on. After your deck is complete install the floorboards that you want on top. Make sure not to leave any gaps, overlaps, or loose ends. Your floorboards should be relatively even to minimize the possibility of tripping over them.

The next is the framework. Depending on the space that you want to allow for your pots, plants and nursery (optional), you can construct the wooden framework for these spaces. If this task is too complicated, you might want to hire a carpenter or ask help from an experienced friend. You also have the option to have your lumber and sidings cut beforehand.

After the framework is complete, it is time to cover up the bony structure of your shed with walls, doors, windows, cabinets and shelves. Installing the cabinets and shelves for the pots can be a little difficult. The framework should be large enough to fit everything and strong enough to support heavy pots.

If you are installing a small greenhouse as part of your potting shed, it is time to install the glass panels that will serve as roof tiles for your greenhouse. Be careful and avoid getting cut by the glass edges. This is a difficult task to do alone, so it might be wise to ask help from a friend.

Install the roof tiles of the entire shed and you are finished. The only thing left to do is to decorate and install the necessary compartments inside the shed. This means the cabinets and shelves for your supplies and equipment.

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