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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Procedures

Cosmetic teeth whitening procedures


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Congratulations!! How did you do it? Your teeth look so white. I received that compliment upon completing my first dental whitening procedure. Though the results were not without flaws, I remain happy with the new look my teeth possess.

To start with, let s look at what cosmetic teeth whitening entails. Cosmetic teeth whitening procedures can best be described as any technique or procedures whose main aim is to clean your teeth. Cosmetic teeth whitening is best described as the whitening of your teeth through whatever means. There are many ways to cleanse your teeth as god knows the ancient Romans did not have dentist studios. Nevertheless, the still cleansed their teeth with whatever .

In general, cosmetic teeth whitening procedures can be divided into two broad areas. Those that you are able to perform in the comfort of your home, and those you must carry out in the comfort of your dentist s office. For the second area, its not that its not possible to carry them out at home, its only advised you do them under a dentists supervision cause the chemicals used are higher concentrated so more glitches are likely to occur.

Essentially, the better of in-home or in-office procedures is most times left between two factors: How bad your teeth s color has become and how much you are willing to spend on your teeth. In-office procedures are usually more expensive to carry out, though they tend to be more effective.

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We have classified cosmetic teeth whitening procedures into two broad areas; let s now look at each one.

In-home procedures

Under in-home procedures, we have mild teeth whiteners like some toothpaste, traditional methods like strawberry, salt, and caustic soda. Also included are custom-fitted trays made by your dentist, and over-the-counter products.

Most types of toothpaste don t whiten your teeth parse. They are best reserved for when your teeth are white and you want to stop them from getting brown or gray again. Not that toothpastes are not effective, but depending on how badly discolored your teeth are, you may not notice reasonable difference after much use. Whitening toothpastes have no side-effects; at least none that we ve heard of.

Traditional methods as mentioned earlier include salt, strawberry, and caustic soda. Salt is best used as a preventive method and it s very abrasive. Prevent yourself from using salt to brush your teeth more than once a month. Doing any more than this can cause a strong repercussive effect which is likely to land you with yellow teeth all over. Using caustic soda to brush your teeth occasionally can also help remove light stains from your teeth. The effects are not dramatic but they are better than none. Caustic soda is poisonous so avoid swallowing it.

The most effective in-home procedures include custom-fitted trays. A brief explanation of this procedure includes getting your dentists to make a tray fitted to your teeth. Your dentist ll give you whitening chemicals to use alongside the trays. Custom fitted trays can be effective. They are cost effective and have little side-effects. These side-effects range from teeth sensitivity to burns. Burns are less likely to occur but may happen if you have sensitive teeth or if chemicals used are too concentrated for you. Custom-fitted trays don t cost much. Prices range from $100-$500 depending on your location and dentist.

In-office procedures

Generally, in-office procedures surround the same methods. A teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth and laser or other light is used to activate the gel. In-office procedures are the most effective though they ll cost you much more than at-home procedures. For most dentists a price of $500-$1,000 isn t uncommon and as mentioned earlier, the price incurred will depend on the particular product used. Some common in-office teeth whitening procedures include laser bleaching and britesmile teeth whitening.

Congratulations!! How did you do it? Your teeth look so white. I received that compliment upon completing my first dental whitening procedure. If you are looking for

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