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Phone, internet and telecommunications services in general can be extremely expensive. Your current provider may throw on dozens of taxes, fees and surcharges to your bill, in order to make a profit off of you. They may even have you signed into a contract that requires you to pay a ridiculous amount of money if you want to switch providers before it expires. Luckily, there are companies out there who are looking to change the playing field. Telecommunications is a 4 trillion dollar a year industry, why deal with a company that is trying to rip you off when you can work with a company that wants you to make money off of your phone and other telecommunications services! FDI International is the company that you are going to want to be with.

Not only is FDI partnering with a industry leader to launch this service, but they are doing it to make telecommunications services affordable to everyone. Distributors can make money off of this great pricing as well, even though it might seem like it is impossible on the surface! There are several different payments that you can receive, based on what the customer decides that they want to buy. Right now, FDI is beginning to ramp up for their launch on August 14th, however, if you get in now you can already start marketing their services which include home phone, office phone, mobile phones and even internet! The prices are great, and in this economy, plenty of people are looking at anything they can do in order to cut their costs around their home. An unlimited amount of service on a mobile phone that is provided by will only cost about ten dollars a month.


Another great aspect of this company is that they are offering VOIP and internet access for next to nothing. In fact, their revolutionary VOIP software allows you to place VOIP calls on your existing internet connection, even if it is only a dial-up connection! Many other companies would make you think that this is impossible, and could only be done with a DSL or cable connection, but through revolutionary software, FDI is making it possible for everyone.

Yet another great part of the services that will be provided starting August 14th is the mobile phone service. Users will receive a free mobile phone that has as many features as a smart phone. In fact, the phones that users will receive will be able to do video calling. This means that you will be able to see the persons face on the other side of the phone call, so long as they have a compatible phone. This feature has never been offered before by a mobile phone company, and with the other great benefits makes these phones a hot item in the cellular phone marketplace.

Do not wait for Financial Destination Incorporation to launch their service. Join today as a user or distributor and make the changes you need to save yourself from the price gouging telecommunications companies.

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