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Crafty And Unique Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

By Janet R.

If you are a hands-on bride who wants to have a beach wedding this summer, you are in luck because of countless beach wedding favor ideas that you can actually make yourself! There are so many attractive beach wedding favors that are fun to make – the least is to put your unique stamp on! Crafty and unique beach wedding favor ideas this new year can still be edible, useful, or favors that give off a strange magnetic appeal but the bottom line is that they can all come with a twist.

When choosing appropriate wedding favors, the general rule is to choose according to the wedding theme you desire and to what is common between you and your spouse-to-be. Don’t worry because anything you wish your wedding would become will not be a problem when choosing wedding favors. The industry of wedding favors has been very supportive to brides like you who are more interested with unique wedding favors. Even if you want to make your own wedding favors, they also provide tools and materials so that making wedding favors will be more fun and enjoyable.

For your beach wedding, you can really be crafty and unique in making clever cookie favors. You can make sand-dollar cookies that are made from chilled shortbread-style dough. Use a round-shaped cookie cutter to cut the dough and poke around the edges of cookies with a fork. Another option is to cut your cookies using a starfish-shaped cookie cutter, and end up baking cookies that really match to your beach wedding celebration.

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Seashell chocolates also make a unique idea for a beach wedding. Chocolate wedding favors are actually very easy to make at home. You can mold the chocolate in any shape you desire. For your beach wedding, purchase molds in a variety of seashell shapes. You can mold your melted chocolate into seashell, starfish, or even seahorse shapes. They are easy and attractive and you will find them useful as well because they can also be used to decorate your wedding cake and cupcakes. Still, you have to remember that chocolate wedding favors are only practical if your wedding reception is relatively cool, otherwise they will melt.

If you don’t want to mold chocolates, why not consider candles? Candle favors are traditional wedding favors but because you are planning a beach wedding, you can add a bot of twist like making them in a shape of a seashell. Candle wedding favors are cheap, so if you are on a tight budget, they will make a practical option for you. Candles are always perfect for a beach evening reception, so you will never go wrong with such favors.

Homemade wedding favors that you can make unique are always a great idea to make your wedding unforgettable. You can buy kits online as well as other accessories such as wedding favor tags or labels, wedding favor boxes, organza favor bags, mint tins, small jars, mini baskets, custom ribbons and other supporting supplies in making crafty and unique wedding favors.

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