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Check Out Teeth Whitening And Have Them Checking Out You In No Time!}

Submitted by: Abigail Franks

Imagine catching the eye of that perfect someone across a room, they notice you, and you flash that perfect white smile that says…

I’ll let you finish that statement yourself.

If you’re reading this your getting older, and if you’re getting older, your teeth are collecting stains in this coloration. It’s not your fault! Just using our teeth for eating and drinking causes the stains to start developing. Remember that dark rich Starbucks coffee, you had for breakfast? That dark richness is caused by a naturally occurring chemical called tannin. Unfortunately, can it makes a great dye and colors everything including tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening simply bleaches the discoloration’s caused by tannin type beverages and food. Most teeth whitening products work under the same oxygenation principle. Using a carbamide peroxide whitening gel, teeth stains and yellowing disappear. Whitener chemicals simply release oxygen molecules that in turn lighten, or remove all but the most stubborn teeth stains.

Home teeth whitening products can be broken down into two categories.

1. Over-the-counter remedies and products. These include whitening mouthwashes and rinses, white strips, paint on the whiteners and the ever popular whitening and baking soda type toothpastes

2. The second category is a large assortment of home teeth whitening kits. These whitening systems normally come complete with a good supply of whitener gel in individual syringe is along with whitener transfer mouth trays.

The third option to get back your bright white smile is a professional tooth whitening treatment offered by many dental professionals. Both home teeth whitening products and professional whitening services all use oxygenating chemicals that are both safe and effective if used as directed.

Although much more expensive than the over-the-counter or home teeth whitening options, professional tooth whitening can remove even the most stubborn stains faster. Professional tooth whitening typically uses stronger bleaching chemicals that can even make antibiotic staining like that, caused by tetracycline to be much less noticeable.

So the question becomes not, if you will consider tooth whitening but when. Wouldn’t having that bright youthful smile make you feel more confident?

Many people elect to use a professional tooth whitening service, to restore their smile back to its original beauty.

Then they simply use a home tooth whitening kid and other over-the-counter products to maintain that fresh white smile.

It’s possible to make your smile look cleaner and brighter without a lot of fuss. If your teeth are in good condition, many of the home teeth whitening kits can effectively remove most common stains and yellowing caused by our food, drink, smoking and age. Isn’t it time that you regain that youthful smile?

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