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What To Tell Your Doctor About Your Pain

byAlma Abell

You shouldn’t have to live in constant pain, which is why there are specialty medical professionals who can help people with different kinds of pain. You may need to seek help from one of those medical professionals if you’re looking for back pain treatment in Jacksonville area. Pain can range from chronic to acute or mildly annoying to crippling—and it can be tricky to pinpoint. It’s important to know how to talk to your doctor about the kind of pain you’re experiencing using the most basic communication questions.

Whom you’ve seen about the painIf you’re seeing a specialty doctor, it’s important to let them know where else you’ve been and what kind of things you’ve been told about your pain. Your doctor needs to know if you’ve been treated for something else so they have an idea of where to start when treating you.

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What kind of pain you’re experiencingPain can be described in different ways, so you want to specify what exactly you’re feeling. Are you experiencing a pain that’s stabbing, burning, aching, shooting, or tingling? Different pain sensations could mean a different diagnosis, so for your doctor to help, you need to be as specific as possible.

When the pain startedYour doctor will need to know when your pain started and how long it’s been going on for. If you can pinpoint an activity you were doing when it started or how long you’ve been dealing with it, it will help them narrow down the cause of your pain and if it’s acute or chronic.

Where exactly the pain isStating general areas of the body won’t help you or your doctor. If you simply say, “my back hurts” it won’t tell your doctor anything since your back is a large area of your body. Try to be specific when you’re explaining where your pain is. Is it in one place? Does it travel to other parts of your body?

Why you’re seeing the doctorThere is a specific reason you’ll be seeing the doctor, so think of what it is so your doctor knows you’re sincere. Is your pain affecting your life? Is it keeping you from following your passions? If it’s a specialty doctor let them know why you chose their practice so they can let you know if they can help you with the kind of pain you’re having.

How your pain affects your daily lifeThis is something your doctor may not ask you, but it’s important to tell them so they know what kind of pain you’re dealing with every day. This information is also helpful for doctors to understand what medication is working and what isn’t.

There’s no reason to live with your pain, and your doctor is there to make sure they find a solution. For them to be able to assist you in any way, they need to understand the pain you’re in. You need to make sure you’re telling them what they need to know so they can find the best way to help you start living your life again.

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