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My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me After A Fight! How To Erase This Dating Mistake

“My boyfriend is ignoring me after a fight!” You’re so frustrated, aren’t you? You love your guy and since the two of you had a big argument he’s been ignoring you. You’ve tried everything to get him to pay attention to you again but to no avail. He doesn’t respond to any of your calls, your text messages go unanswered and you’re not even sure he’s opening the emails you send. Now you’re starting to worry that he’s had his fill of you and the relationship is actually over for good. Don’t panic too much just yet. You can remedy this situation and the approach you want to be taking may not be what you think it is.

If your boyfriend has been ignoring you, you have to consider how much time has passed since the fight. If it was just in the past few days, take a deep breath and calm down. Men and women handle emotionally charged situations very differently. You want to talk because your goal is to smooth everything over before it’s too late. He needs a little time to process what’s happened so he can talk to you again in a very calm and collected way.

Men will often detach themselves emotionally from their girlfriend after a fight. This is temporary but when you’re the woman feeling ignored, it feels endless. Your guy was likely just as hurt as you were during the argument. He may not want to talk to you right now because he needs time to really cool down so he doesn’t do or say anything that will result in more friction between you two.

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The best advice you can follow if you had a fight with your guy and he’s now dropped out of sight is to give him some time. Try your best to focus on something other than him for the next few days. You’ll fare better with him if you stop trying to force him into talking. That means don’t chase after him by calling him repeatedly or sending him hundreds of text messages. Let your silence speak for you. He’ll see that you’re respecting his need for some time and he’ll be grateful for that.

If you still haven’t heard from him in a week or so, call him then and if it goes to voicemail just leave a very simple message asking him to call you. If you sound calm and in control during that call, he’ll see that you’re also in a better place emotionally and he’ll call you back ready to talk.

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