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Making A Statement Using Non Traditional Fencing Materials

By Piper Smith

Exterior home design and landscaping can be about far more that just maintaining the status quo. Design trends come and go, and while there are certain traditions that seem to persevere through the decades (think white picket fences), you should never be afraid to take a chance and flex your creative muscles when it comes to making upgrades to your home and yard. Stepping outside the traditional style box can be exciting and very rewarding. While many designers focus on paint samples, shutters or window treatments, one of the most oft-overlooked, but versatile, characteristics of any property is its fence. Typically, when one mentions fences, the first images to come to mind include chain-link or tall, wood privacy fences. While these are both valuable (and sometimes necessary) options to meet certain needs, the possibilities certainly don’t end there.

One of the newest fencing materials to make an appearance on the scene is bamboo. This naturally occurring, attractive wood boasts an inherent resistance to the elements and a durability that some might find unexpected. Bamboo is also very versatile, and can be designed to suit virtually any landscape or home. Its flexibility and lightness makes bamboo easy to manipulate and form into different shapes. For the environmentally aware, bamboo is an excellent alternative to man-made materials. It is entirely organic, and therefore, totally green. It is also extremely affordable and makes an easy DIY project for the ambitious homeowner.

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For the homeowner that wants personalization as well as easy maintenance in their fencing, PVC is an excellent option. These durable, attractive panels are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes that are not only long-lasting, but easy to keep clean. Rather than dealing with the ordeal of sanding and painting a wooden fence, a PVC fence needs only a little non-toxic soap and a pressurized garden hose nozzle to get back to sparkly clean. Most PVC fencing comes in pre-formed panels, so replacement can be challenging if only a small section is damaged. However, this vinyl is highly resistant to weather and aging, so replacement should only be needed in extreme circumstances.

Split rail fencing is typically considered a more traditional form of fencing, but you can certainly use it in creative ways. In a suburban or urban setting, this airy form can be used to delineate property lines without blocking the view of a well-landscaped yard or garden. Iron fences can be used to accomplish a similar effect with a more sophisticated air. Iron fences can be very complimentary, especially for older homes where the homeowner wishes to encourage the historic elements of a building or space. Iron can be very dramatic, and serve double duty as an intruder deterrent.

Attention to detail can be very important when a homeowner wants to change or improve the look of their home. The interior of a house is certainly important – it’s where we spend most of our time – but taking the time to consider the outside can make a drastic difference in the overall impression your home makes.

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Beautify The Skin With Facial Peels}

Submitted by: Dr.farid Mostamand

Those with prematurely aging skin or excessive dryness or people who are prone to blemishes and acne, should look at facial peels as a means to beautify the skin and make it healthier and younger looking. In the past, facial peels were so expensive that only a few were able to have one. While today, facial peels and other types of spa treatments are available not only from professionals, but there are products that can easily be used in the home.

What is a facial peel?

A facial peel is a process that sloughs away dead skin cells from the surface of the skin while it softens and enhances the smoothness of the skins healthy cells. There are several powerful ingredients that are typically in a facial peel that will enhance the process and ensure healthy skin. These include Alpha Hydroxyl Acid and Beta Hydroxyl Acid along with Retinol and Tricholoracetic Acid also known as TCA that is most often found in a spa and now are available for home use.

Light facial peels can be done at home and many do them on a daily or weekly basis as there is no recovery period needed. A deeper and more extensive facial peel will penetrate deeper into the skin layers and should be done by a skin care professional or physician and these types of facial peels should not be done often as they also require a recovery period that can be lengthy.

Depending on your needs or the extent of the skin damage, you should consider these two different types of facial peels from these reputable companies:

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare offers a daily facial peel for those who want to take advantage of the ability to do this at home. It is a cost effective approach to a peel that will only take a few minutes each day. First you apply the peel to your face. After two minutes, you apply a neutralizer. Both can be applied with pre-moistened pads that are included providing you with a facial peel that is hassle free and will not irritate the skin. The main ingredients of these facial peels are Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid and Salicylic Acid.

PCA Skincare offers a powerful facial peel that should be used by a trained skin care professional such as an esthetician or a physician. It should be performed in a professional environment like a clinic or a spa. The PCA Skincare facial peel products come in a variety of types, depending on your skin type and what your sp particular problem area is. These deeper facial peels require a recovery period when they offer other types of products that will speed up the recovery process and keep you comfortable.

Doctors Dermatological Formula This company specializes in providing skin care products that are suitable for those with sensitive skin. They have received worldwide recognition for their products that are not only effective but work efficiently as well. Their line of skin care products includes remedies for anti-aging and Facial peels.

About the Author: Dr. Farid Mostamand has written hundreds of articles on preventing the detrimental effects of skin aging. As the founder of the Focus Medical Spa and, he has first-hand experience with the most effective non-invasive treatments.


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Garden Techniques How To Deal With Frost Damaged Plants

Garden Techniques – How To Deal With Frost Damaged Plants by Spring is a time when you can often get caught out by an unexpected frost. We have had a couple of vicious frosts after relatively balmy days, and this can be lethal for plants that get caught and are unprotected too. How do you recognise the signs, and what can you do?If wilting leaves appear with no good explanation or they have a water logged look, this can be a sign that your plant is suffering from frost damage and needs some help. Another symptom of frost damage can be the sudden appearance of brown areas on the leaves. You should also watch out for evidence that the new shoots on your plants are starting to die back. If the plants are spring flowering and their flowers don’t open completely or they become discolored and start to die off, then you can be fairly sure that frost damage has occurred.Sadly, there is no treatment for frost damage. Once it has occurred you can do little to save your plant if the damage is severe. You should remove the damaged parts of your plant so it can concentrate on the healthier parts. It also makes the plant look a great deal healthier. You will need to take special care if there is a chance of more frosts as the plant will be even more than usually vulnerable. If the damage hasn’t been too severe you may be able to save the plant, however unless it shows signs of growth and recovery fairly quickly it is better to remove it and plant something new at a suitable time. You may not always notice frost damage immediately, especially if the frost has been a light one so you need to be vigilant for a few days after any frost, mild or hard.There are a number of ways to protect against frost damage, one of the best ways to reduce the possible effects of a frost on your garden is to choose the most suitable plants for your climate conditions. If you are living in an area that is subject to frosts then you should always try and choose plants that are frost-tolerant. If you plant in areas that are less exposed and sheltered from frosts you will increase the chances of saving plants that might otherwise be killed by the sudden drops in temperature. However this is not always practical as it would restrict the variety of plants that we could have in our gardens which would be a tragedy.If you suspect there is going to be a frost you can take precautions by protecting your plants. Anything in pots can be moved to a sheltered area where the frost won’t bite. You can protect your plants by wrapping them in Hessian, newspaper or garden fleece until the risk of frost has passed. It is a painfully slow process but worth it for any special or precious tender plants and shrubs.There will always be times when a frost is unexpected and catches you out. If you are even remotely concerned, protect your plants anyway or you may lose huge parts of your garden for want of a few minutes spent taking precautions.Lizzie Westerley has spent many pleasurable years developing her garden and her gardening skills. You can find more of her insights and information on how to make your garden equally magnificent at The Garden MagazineArticle Source:

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