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Wild Animal Attacks Can Lead To A Trip To A Pet Hospital In Leawood Ks


If people aren’t careful with their pets, they may end up having to pay a visit to a Pet hospital Leawood KS. There are wild animals that can attack pets. Although the types of wild animals vary from region to region, they all are potential threats to pets and precautions should be taken. Wild animals can attack pets for a number of reasons. There are times when wild animals see pets as prey. Other times the wild animal may be rabid. Animals may also attack pets for territorial reasons or to eat their food. Fortunately, there are methods pet owners can use to safeguard their animals.

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One often overlooked method of protecting pets is taking pets to Cherokee Animal Clinic or any other Pet hospital Leawood KS to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date. Core vaccinations may not be enough to protect pets. Pet owners can talk with vets to see which additional vaccinations can be used to guard against diseases that wild animals in the region may be carrying. Some pet owners choose to get their pets Lyme disease vaccinations. It’s a disease that is transmitted by ticks that can be carried by wild animals. Humans can contract the disease too.

A pet owner is making a huge mistake if pet food is left outside. Ideally, pets should only be fed indoors. Wild animals have a great sense of smell and will be attracted to any food that is left outside. This is especially true during the colder months when food can be harder to come by. If a person must feed a pet outside, the feeding should be done close to the home. Any leftover food should be immediately removed from the area.

There are other precautions that need to be taken. Pets shouldn’t be left outside unsupervised. Even if a yard has a fence, pets need to be watched. A wild animal may be able to jump over the fence. Chaining a pet outside makes the pet a very easy target for large wild animals. Cleaning the yard of dog waste needs to be done frequently. Predators can smell the waste and it may attract them to the area.

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