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Developing Your Real Estate Web Presence}

Developing Your Real Estate Web Presence


Justin LeeReal estate is often the first industry to be affected by changing Internet technology. From social networking to mapping, new applications and website tools are often first tested by Realtors looking to connect with buyers and sellers. This isn’t because most Realtors are computer programmers, but because their industry demands they have a presence online. Busy real estate professionals can save time by making full use of the latest online tools, but usually first they have to spend time learning how to use them. This article broadly addresses that subject, with tips on the latest Internet trends, so Realtors can develop an effective online strategy.The cornerstone of a successful online real estate practice is usually a good website. Many Realtors use their website as their brand, and direct as many potential leads to it as possible. With the means and patience, a Realtor can use his or her website to exercise a lot more control over interactions with clients, and ensure that their services and skills as a professional are laid out properly. With the amount of real estate web technology out there, most industry professionals expect it to be easy and inexpensive to get a decent website up and running, but this isn’t yet the case. The wide variety of real estate tools out there may in fact be slowing things. A good option, if you can’t make the website yourself, or hire staff to do it, is to work with a real estate web development company. This will help simplify the site architecture process because many companies already have standardized site plans you can build on, and it’ll give you a partner on the tricky details, like displaying listings.With new tools and trends coming online every day, it can be tempting to constantly try new web marketing and networking strategies. Smart Realtors will resist this temptation, however, and stay focused on their brand and goals. The trick is to examine and research new Internet tools, rather than implement them right away, unless you’re absolutely sure one’s for you.The most successful online Realtors are often the best communicators, rather than the fastest technological innovators. These professionals spend a lot of time developing their web presence, but they generally pay more attention to their market than new website widgets, and that’s what makes them successful.

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