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Online Advertising Ideas 10 Web Advertising Answers

Submitted by: Deanna Mascle

You have put your heart and soul into your web based business not to mention countless hours brainstorming, developing and fine tuning. You are excited about the opportunities your new baby offers to you and the world. You release your brain child to the public — and nothing happens. There is a simple reason many internet marketing ventures never make it past their first birthday — the lack of traffic. There is only one thing that drives traffic and that is advertising. It does not need to be advertising, after all there are many free forms of advertising that have created many tremendously successful internet marketing businesses. But no internet marketing business was every successful without traffic and without advertising. I have come up with a quick list of 10 ideas. You can mix and match to select the best, most workable ideas for you and your business.

Idea 1 – Write articles. This is still my favorite form of internet marketing. You can create content for your own sites, blogs or newsletters at the same time. I love multi-tasking don’t you?

Idea 2 – Chat in a forum. This is so easy. Simply hang out in the forums where your ideal audience also hangs. Make sure your sig is a simple yet effective plug for your site. Don’t be pushy, just friendly and let your sig do the selling for you. This is also a great way to get fodder for Ideas 1 and 4.

Idea 3 – Next time you are checking out your competitors’ blogs — and those of the other notables in your field — leave some comments behind. This is a great way to get your name out there.

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Idea 4 – Write a blog post of your own. If you are not updating your own blogs regularly then you are missing great opportunity for link baiting and audience building.

Idea 5 – Email your friends and peers about your new business, web site and/or blog. Letting people you know in on your new venture is not spam — but emailing their friends and relatives is. Tell them to pass the message on but don’t simply do it yourself.

Idea 6 – Make sure your signature in your own email promotes your new venture so every message you send is an recommendation and reminder to your friends, family and peers.

Idea 7 – Make sure to use social bookmarking sites to promote your new venture as well. There are too many and too quickly changing to bother to list them here. Check out an internet marketing forum or blog to determine which ones are the “hot picks” of the moment.

Idea 8 – Post some answers at Yahoo Answers on questions related to your topic.

Idea 9 – Join a discussion group on a related topic and let your expertise show. This is also a great way to get fodder for Ideas 1 and 4.

Idea 10 – Make sure your errors pages aren’t letting visitors slip through your fingers. Make them content-rich and user-friendly so you keep those hard won visitors.

If you embrace all 10 ideas then you will soon have more traffic than you know what to do with but the best internet marketing strategy might simply be focusing on a few favorite strategies and exploiting those to their fullest.

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Get Ready To Celebrate St. Patricks Day In Style

By Chris Robertson

Whether you’re Irish or simply love Irish traditions and holidays, St. Patrick’s Day brings Irish cheer to many people around the world. St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of all things Irish, commemorated on March 17 when many families gather and serve cabbage, corned beef, and delightful mint chocolate pies. Some cities even celebrate by changing entire bodies of water to the color green to remember the beloved St. Patrick.

The holiday also sparks a tradition of shopping for and wearing Irish t-shirts and apparel, usually the color green. People celebrate by wearing cute Irish accessories and fun clothing to create humor on the holiday.

Brief History of St. Patrick’s Day

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The holiday remembers St. Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints. St. Patrick was born to a family of aristocrats in Whales and was set on course to become a priest. He was captured at 16 years of age and taken to Ireland by Irish raiders. For six years, he was held captive, but was also able to grow spiritually during this time. He believed he heard the voice of God commanding him to leave Ireland, so he escaped to Britain after walking hundreds of miles.

He became a priest and returned to Ireland, knowing that many citizens of Ireland were pagans at the time. He created the famous Celtic Cross and used some of the Irish customs he had learned to celebrate Easter. Many people believe St. Patrick died on March 17 in 461 AD. His legend grew in Ireland and the UK as the man who single-handedly spread Christianity throughout Ireland during his day. Perhaps the most famous legendary story about St. Patrick is that he drove out snakes while in Ireland. Though this story is probably not true, many Irishmen claim that a snake cannot be found in Ireland!

Celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day

Today, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the world. In Ireland, it was once a religious holiday, but is now used to draw millions of tourists each year with parades, fireworks, and live entertainment. In America, there are parades, Irish dances and jigs, Irish singing, wearing Leprechaun-themed outfits, clovers with three leaves, and more. The holiday is celebrated with a day of prayer by many Irish Catholic families. St. Patrick’s Day is often called by a nickname, St. Paddy’s Day. There are even products and icons designed specifically for the holiday such as Paddy the loveable Leprechaun, which can be bought in various themes like Cop Paddy, Firefighter Paddy, or Cowboy Paddy.

St. Patrick’s Day Online Shopping

Those wanting to celebrate “St. Paddy’s Day” can find great items online for the occasion. There are Leprechaun crafts and gifts. For work or school, lots of people wear Irish T-shirts and apparel. For the true fan, there are even Paddy mugs, mouse pads, teddy bears, pillows, buttons, and tote bags. One custom is to wear green so you won’t get pinched. These items have plenty of green for protection!

St. Patrick’s Day offers a fun-filled holiday of remembrance for everyone, young or old. It’s a day focused on an important turning point in Irish history, but is celebrated by people of all descents.

About the Author: Chris Robertson is a published author of Majon International. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2007 (Mon Jan 28 2008) Majon International. Majon International is one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing and internet advertising companies on the web.


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The Top Ten Characteristics Of A Good Sales Letter

By Mario Churchill

With today’s rapidly crowding global market, your product or service will need more publicity and marketing so that your unique voice can be heard. With the thousands of advertisements on television, the thousands of posters plastered on both city and town walls, and the thousands of sales people all jostling each other to catch a prospective customer’s attention, is there still an alternative marketing method that could ensure your commercial success?

Believe it or not, the crowded global market can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. With more products and services like yours on the market, you will have to contend with competition, not to mention often hard sell marketing tactics from your more financially equipped rivals. Customers, however, are already saturated with hard sell marketing tactics – such strategies tend to make companies appear impersonal, and customers may feel alienated. More than ever, you will need a marketing strategy that will show customers that you care for their needs and wants.

A good sales letter is a viable strategy that you may want to try out. Whether you will send the sales letter through snail mail or email, a sales letter can outline the outstanding characteristics of your company, the products or services that you are offering, and incentives that may come with purchasing your products or services. A sales letter, moreover, is addressed to individual prospective customers. This personalized form of marketing can make customers feel special; if done properly, a good sales letter can earn you customers and widen your market base.

Before you set to work writing your sales letter, take note of these characteristics of a good sales letter.

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A good sales letter should catch attention even before it is opened. Catchphrases such as ‘Know how to get great discounts when you buy your PC’ or ‘Save hundreds of dollars on your grocery shopping now!’ can attract customers. Remember, your envelope has to be opened before you can make any prospective sale, so make sure that your letter is attractive enough not to be placed in the trash bin before it is even read.

Some sales letters will contain jokes, puns, or clever language. Although this may make you appear playful, it will also undermine your credibility before customers who know nothing about you. The simpler your language is, the easier your letter is to read.

A good sales letter should be personal. Address your letter directly to the recipient, and address the person by name throughout the letter. Avoid ‘Dear Sir or Madame’ or ‘To whom it might concern.’ Customers need to know that you care before they care about what you know.

Email is not necessarily the best way to send a sales letter. Some sales letters are often placed automatically in the spam folder, where they can be ignored, and then disposed of without even being read. Because snail mail is becoming rare, an attractive sales letter can catch a prospective customer’s eye.

A good sales letter should establish a company’s credibility. Do not be afraid to use testimonials from your satisfied customers, or quotes from famous people who may have used your product or service. However, do not overdo it: one or two quotes will be enough, three will be hard sell, four will be annoying, and anything more than that will make you appear either desperate or lying.

A good sales letter cannot stand on its own – you should have not only good products and services, but incentives as well. If you offer incentives for buying your product or service, state them explicitly. Studies show that discounts as low as ten percent, and all kinds of free things appeal to customers, and make them want to buy a product or take advantage of a service.

A good sales letter should not only sound good but look good as well. Use large fonts, and append your company banner or a picture of your company headquarters if you can. If you feel that this is not appropriate, then add pictures of your products, along with captions. Print your sales letter on high quality paper, and make sure that your pictures come out clear and crisp. A sales letter on rough paper, with low quality ink, will not speak well of your company no matter how good your products and services are.

Provide contact information, especially phone numbers and emails. Be ready, moreover, to respond to each question your prospective customers will put forth.

Avoid jargon and acronyms. Remember, you have to make your prospective customers understand you. If they do not understand any part of your letter, they will simply throw it away.

Enclose brochures with your sales letter, along with tips that the customer might be able to use. For instance, if you are selling luxury cars, you can include the top ten tips when choosing car upholstery. Make customers feel that you care for them, and they will flock to you.

A good sales letter is challenging to write, but if written well, the rewards can be numerous. As long as you keep your language simple and maintain the credibility of your company, you will have the wider market base that you need, and the profits that you want.

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