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Increase Your Knowledge About Sports Shirt

Increase Your Knowledge about Sports Shirt


Soophott Lert

It’s the century of the latest fashion. From the gladiator belts, skinny jeans, peeped toe pumps, to various mixes of colours and accessories. But why not mix up the wardrobe with a sport shirt? When the time of Olympics, football, basketball seasons come around it is becoming increasingly popular that more persons are wearing sport shirt.

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Also, not only are persons wearing sport shirts more to show their support to a specific team, it is now common place to see this type of attire among the corporate casual dress code in many workplaces. No more are employers uptight about shirts been worn to work other than dress shirts. But what should you know about these shirts? They can be long or short sleeved, made of cotton, polyester or in between. Also, they are being manufactured to satisfy the needs of customers. They can be either solid in color or with prints or of a particular design. It may have shirt tails and a button-down collar, or it may have square tails and a camp collar, which is a collar without the reinforcing band that keeps the collar standing.

If you are a fashonista, you can wear these shirts with anything and still look professional. They can be worn with blazers, that nice skinny or boot cut jeans. It can also be worn under a v-neck sweater or whatever you please. All in all, sports shirts are versatile and allow you to be expressive. However, they should not be mistaken for a dress shirt. Unlike dress shirts, these shirts are more loosely fitted and are not worn with a tie. Most persons are not fond of ironing every morning for work or just running an errand. The wonderful thing about these types of shirts is that they don’t wrinkle that easily. You can wash it and wear without ironing.

Another characteristic of sports shirts is that they can be a profitable business. It’s a great way to advertise your business and can be worn around town, making them an excellent business investment. Many companies have adopted the advertising technique by giving away shirts to customers. In the hands and backs of these customers, they are considered as a walking billboard. Letting your customers and staff know that you appreciate them, will make them proud to wear your shirts.

So, before you go off buying a sports shirt, ensure that you choose one that reflects your fashion sense. It is also wise to choose one that will go well with the other clothing in your wardrobe. It is recommended that you buy the right fit. Purchase shirts depending on the weather. No matter which style you choose, go for a classic look to achieve that preferred look. Remember sports shirt can be worn at home, at a sporting event, to the supermarket, at work or just lyming after work. If you don’t have a sport shirt, you should get one to show your love for sport.

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