Cool Themes For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Cool Themes For Your Child’s Birthday Party


Matthew Condon

Children have countless favorite cartoon or superhero characters that they follow. Planning your child s birthday party theme around these characters or superheroes is a great idea as you will have a sure shot hit party on your hands. Today you can move away from the boring and simple birthday parties and include some fun and excitement which will immediately put all the kids in a good mood.

Let s discuss some interesting Birthday party Themes:Cinderella Theme

Every girl loves to be princes and which other rags to riches story is loved by children more than Cinderella? None! So this is a perfect theme for your daughter s birthday party. You can plan some interesting apple games like bob the apple and even make apple pie and other apple goodies as this will be loved by the children for sure. Mums can dress up as the fairy godmother and you can give lovely return gifts as a gift from the fairy god mother. Have pumpkins and horse carriage cutouts as

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birthday party decorations

and make the cake like Cinderella s slipper.


Cars is a favorite amongst young boys and these days, you can pick up loads of Cars themed birthday supplies like napkins, cups, glasses, napkins, etc. You can make the car in the shape of Lightning McQueen who plays the red car in the movie.

Disney Princess

You can have a theme party based on Disney princesses where everyone has to dress up as their favorite princess and the boys can come dressed as Disney princes like Aladdin, Prince Charming, etc. The whole d cor can be made in such a way that the interiors of the house or the venue looks like a castle. You can drape fabric and have paper mache towers as well. The napkins, cutlery, and other birthday supplies can all be in accordance of this theme.


ARR ARR!! Pirates are fun and filthy, so plan a fun filled evening with a Treasure Hunt game and have gold chocolates that will resemble coins. You can make cake shaped as a ship. Distribute eye patches as soon as the children enter the venue. You can even plan an obstacle course game after which the winner will be rewarded. Have wooden barrels placed around with fishing nets and get birthday supplies that reflect the pirate theme.

Superhero Theme Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Fantastic Four, Ben 10,The Hulk, The Incredibles, Iron Man, Flash Gordon, etc, etc. there is a never ending list of superheroes that your child will be more than happy to have a birthday theme based upon. Mind you today s children know exactly who their favorite is so make sure you ask them before deciding anything. You can today get the picture printed on to the cake so that you have an exact copy. Birthday party supplies also today come in sync with these superhero themes so all you have to do is confirm the theme and then look for the appropriate supplies.

These are just a few of the themes you could choose from for your child s birthday party. If you are looking for more choices then you could consider the name Let s Get This Party Started. Click here for more info

Matthew Condon is an event organiser based in Sydney with an experience of over 15 years in organising parties and events across Australia. He is known for his skill of uniquely designing party themes. He loves blogging and trekking and this passion has taken him places around the world and inspired his work as well.

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