Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand Is It A Good Choice?

Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand Is it a Good Choice?


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Choosing where to undergo Cosmetic surgery? There are two main issues that will have a strong bearing on your decision. How much? How good? Presuming that you are comfortable with the idea of medical tourism and traveling to get your procedure done, this article is going to consider if it\’s a good choice to get your cosmetic surgery in Thailand based upon cost and quality.

Q: How much will cosmetic surgery in Thailand cost me?

A: On most procedures you can expect to save from 50% to 70% off most Western country prices. So that quickly dispenses with that question. You will have to look around to ensure that you get the full information, meaning, do make sure you get all the facts, all the costs. If you keep to the hospitals and clinics that specialize in international clients, then you should have a fairly simple time of getting accurate pricing information.

OK, so let\’s deal with the even more important question that of the quality of medical care. No good going cheap if you end up regretting the decision for the rest of your life.

Q: Does Thailand has offer medical care to western international standards?

A: Yes it does, with a proviso, Thailand has some outstanding medical facilities. Some of the very best hospitals and medical clinics in Asia are located in Bangkok. The Doctors are mostly trained in Western countries and continuously update their international training to include the latest procedures. But here is the proviso – choose medical facilities that have active programs in place to attract medical tourists (are their websites in English is a good start) and then ensure that your choice of medical facility has a well-respected reputation to support their medical tourism program, by first reviewing carefully their website. Their website should give you detailed information about their facilities, with photos, their Doctors with their qualifications and also about their cosmetic procedures. The care that is put into their online presence is one indicator, and usually a good one of their overall quality, also do a search of blogs and forums. Type your questions into Google and then refine your search using the \”Blogs\” and \”Discussions\” filters at the left of the Google search results page. Read what others say.

So let us recap our main question Cosmetic surgery in Thailand Is it a good choice? if you want to save a considerable amount on local western pricing and you take the care to research and choose your medical facility, then yes, it is a good choice, supported by over one million medical tourists every year, and use that extra cash just saved and recoup at one of Thailands famous and exotic beach or mountain resorts or just blow it all on one huge shopping spree in Asias mega-shopping destination, Bangkok.

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