Flood Emergency Services Assist After A Variety Of Damaging Incidents

byAlma Abell

Whenever a home is damaged by a flood of any sort, the owners are naturally distraught. They have numerous questions, such as what their homeowner’s insurance will pay for and what things can be saved. Flood Emergency Services is ready to assist with restoration tasks that can help the customers avoid having to get rid of everything that was soaked in the water.

Appliance Breakdowns


Depending on the situation, the deductible on the insurance policy may be high enough that Flood Emergency Services must be paid for out of pocket. If a washing machine or dishwasher saturated the carpeting, that might not be an expensive problem to resolve. The water was probably relatively clean and might even have been soapy. The main issue would be if nobody were home for hours or even days, and the carpet started to develop mildew.

Other Incidents

Other unusual incidents can cause the need for restoration service. A bathtub might overflow, causing damage not only to the upper floor but the lower one as well. A broken plumbing pipe can flood a room or the entire house if water continues to flow. Rain-related storm damage can occur if a tree falls onto a roof or a branch breaks a window.

Sewer Backups

Troublesome situations occur when a sewer backup or water from an exterior source floods the home. Sometimes, the sewer backs up when the washing machine is running, which is not so bad, but other times it happens when the toilet was flushed. That water is obviously contaminated, and the circumstance may require professional service from a company like Steamrite Carpet, Upholstery and Air Duct Cleaning.

Exterior Sources

An exterior source of floodwater might be an overflowing river or stream near the house, a broken water main, or blocked storm sewers during heavy rain. This water typically is considered contaminated as well. Professional restoration services may be able to salvage much of the belongings and fundamental features inside the home after this kind of incident, especially if they can be on the scene quickly. Delays are common in these events, however, because often many homes in an area are affected. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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