Have A Clean And Healthy Pool Water Through The Use Of Pool Filters

By David H. Urmann

To maintain clean water of your pool you need to have an effective and efficient pool filters. Pool filters can be used for preventive health reasons in case of harmful substance that might be present in water.

To remove the impurities in your pool, use Pool Filter it will helps you to swim in clear and clean water. Sand Pool filters, Diatomaceous Earth filters and Cartridge filters are the three basic types of pool filters. If you wish to save money in buying pool products such as pool filters and pool cartridges, you will find a great deal of savings when you visit pool supplies stores or hardware stores that are on sale. For above ground pools and fishponds, Sand Filters is best to use. It uses specially graded sand as its filter media which collects dirt then the water enters the tank though the diffuser.

And as the water goes down through the layer of sand, the dirt and the wreckage is blocked between the grains of sand, this is the time when the water reaches the bottom of the filter then it enters the laterals and is return to the pool. Using Sand Filters are not as effective at eliminating small particles but this type of filters may be more cost effective over the years because it doesn’t require cleaning or replacements as often. This kind of filter is very good for areas where there’s a high amount of dust in the air, where you have to constantly flush the filer. The disadvantage of the Sand Filter is you lose a lot of water when you backwash, which can be a problem in areas where water is scarce.


D.E filters have a plastic grids covered with a plastic type of fabric and a layer of filter powder called the Diatomaceous Filter as its filter media. In D.E the water filtered is absolutely the clearest water that you can get but this filter often requires the most time and effort to service and clean and it also requires backwashing and you need to recharge the Diatomaceous Earth in the filter. The most common type of swimming pool filters is a Cartridge filter. These filters use a replaceable fabric like pleated cartridge cylinder as its filter medium.

It can also clean above ground pools and fishponds and either of the products will get the job done or whichever one you choose is the matter of personal preference. The Cartridges Filters are very easy to maintain because dirt remains in the cartridge until you are ready to replace it or wash it away and the cartridges can be soaked in cleaning solution or rinse off to wash away some of the large particles of dirt. The replacement of the cartridge is recommended at least once in every swim season. These types of filters have their own advantages and disadvantages, so how choose one depends on how clear the water you need and how much time and energy you want to devote to the filter.

Having the right choice of swimming pool filters is very important if you are to enjoy your swimming pool all year round with little maintenance or water problems. And these various filters that are available in the market today it can basically maintained our pool in good conditions. When building a pool a choice of which filter to install are very much a personal choice and the experts at your local pool suppliers should guide one.

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