How To Give Perfect Massage

By Marion Mccants

What differentiates a regular massage from a perfect one? The answer is on the details of the massage that you are going to provide.

The first and one of the most important features that you need to look at will be the setup. This will be the place where the massage will take place. The things that you are going to take care of will include the room temperature, lighting, privacy, noise, and the scent.

If you are living in a place where the weather can get really cold, the room’s temperature is always a big issue when giving a massage. You will need to have heaters and thermometers in order to monitor and keep the room as warm as possible. You might not need a lot of light. A couple of lamps with shades may be great as they will leave you with enough light to still see which body parts you are massaging. At the same time, these lights will be a little more dimmed compared to overhead light fixtures.


The bedroom or a massage room specifically made for this purpose can be a good venue. These rooms will offer the best amounts of privacy. Closing the doors can help reduce the amount of unnecessary noise getting into the room.

Before you get to the real massage techniques, a warm up is necessary so that the body will not be abruptly shook up by the massage. If you are the one giving the massage, you need to start with light strokes. The deeper and harder strokes should be reserved for the middle part of the session. The warm up can be done with the use of your fingers. You run your fingers lightly over the area that you are planning to massage. For back massage, most therapists start at the back. Then, they will massage lightly towards the shoulder to make the back become a little less tense.

The preliminaries of a massage will likewise include prepping your client about the amount of time that the session will take. Most of these people who get massages are most probably busy with the lives and can only have a specific amount of time allotted for the massage. And so if you say that the massage will be completed in an hour, you need to complete it in an hour or a little bit sooner.

After the warm up, it will be time for the massage. For this, the therapist will make use of harder strokes. The palms of the hands are also used for most techniques. Depending on the type of massage that you are getting, this part can take the longest to complete.

Once the main part is completed, a warm down method is still implemented. Much like in doing exercise, you need to slowly make the body revert back to its previous state. The muscles need to be relaxed with the least amount of pressure placed on them. A little rubbing on the area that was massaged might be enough as a warm down technique.

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