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Link building is essentially a great tool for website promotion. The websites with higher link popularity are the favored ones by the major search engines during their ranking procedures. The number of quality websites linking to your website determines your link popularity. Suppose the number of sites linked to your site is 250. So, your link popularity is 250. You can improve your link popularity even further by adding more links to your website. This process of adding more links to a website is called link building. A link building software can readily assist you in this job.

Generally you will have to spend hours to find links and send link request emails to the websites. The software, however, makes the job much easier. And you can leave all the jobs of finding, creating and requesting the links to a link building software.

The software is manufactured by many leading software companies. Expert software engineers work through out the day to give you the best software. The software is easy-to-install with easy-to-follow instructions. You can set up the software at your personal computer and see the results yourself.


Many times the scarcity of the links drives you to go for their purchase. The links are sold as a package of 25, 100 or even 200 links. It is not always possible to purchase these expensive links all the time. So the link building software can come to your rescue in such cases and can save your dollars by finding appropriate sites for you.

You can enter the keywords related to your site and the software matches them to the other websites. You have a complete list of the websites in front of you with in a few minutes. This will ensure you a targeted traffic on your website in future.

The link building software also separates the websites offering a reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking is the one where one website exchanges its link with the other website. This makes your link building task even easier. One of the most important features of this software is that the software sends an automated link requests to the sites offering reciprocal linking.

Another software known as Page link analyzing tool is also great to analyze the status of your links. You can get the timely reports of a link on your web page via this software. If the link is not placed properly, you can change the link to a place where it gets good Internet traffic. The link building software can also calculate the keyword density for a single page. You can use it for other websites to find out the number of keywords in a page. If the web page or the entire website has a good keyword density, the link will be added to your link directory. Also you will get to know the links that fail in driving the Internet traffic to your website.

You can order the software online as well. In fact some of the software can also be downloaded from the net for free. You also get a catalogue of devising a strategy for effective link building with this software. So, get the one now, for great Internet success.

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