Local Car Auctions. How To Find A Good Quality Cheap Used Car Within A 25 Mile Radius Of Where You Live

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While buying a used car listed in the local classifieds in your local paper might be a good idea, usually these are private sellers that are emotional about the vehicles they are selling. After all it was their baby. Normally this means the seller will want more than the car is really worth. Eventually what happens is during negotiations things get emotional and you’ll end up paying more than the vehicle is worth or you’ll have to walk away.

Participating in dealer level auctions like Mannheim car auctions and Pickles and others are usually off-limits to ordinary people like you and me. These higher dealer level auctions are reserved for registered automobile dealerships or dealers that are licensed, and conversely, this is where the best deals will be. Zero emotion, just good cars going for auction, to the highest bidder. Where does that leave you? Well unless you know a dealer that’s a good buddy of yours willing to get you in and find the car you want at a great price, you’re out of luck. There are other sources. Of course there’s Craig’s list and Kajiji USfreeads and many other online classifieds sites. Problem with these sites you got a pore over pages and pages of vehicles listed that you may not be interested in. If you did find a car on one of the sites, well you go out and see the vehicle and chances are it’s being offered for sale by again, the private person that thinks his vehicle is made of gold. Well what about eBay motors? Is the listing local? Sure the price is right but do you want to drive across three or four states to see it and come back with your used car or worse, maybe not? Furthermore, just how safe is it to buy a car on eBay. Well as it turns out a staggering amount of complaints funnel up to the Federal Trade Commission regarding online or Internet auction fraud. Is eBay any safer? I think it is. As a matter of fact eBay motors has some pretty amazing tools that can protect you and ensure that the car you see in the listing is a car you’re going to get and probably much cheaper than anywhere else. Lets look at some of these tools.

eBay motors vehicle purchase protection.


eBay motors via corporate purchase protection program provides protection of up to $50,000 against certain losses associated with some types of fraud. As a buyer you’re automatically enrolled at no charge when you make a purchase.

The availability of a vehicle history report

eBay offers the ability to have the vehicle’s history checked before you buy, and protect yourself from hidden problems. You can get the used car history in minutes were sometimes seconds. Single reports would cost $30 where you can usually buy a bundle of 10 for $35

The ability to arrange for a vehicle inspection by an independent third party.

Inspection by an independent third party can benefit you greatly. Inspections usually validate seller claims about a vehicles condition. So in essence for $99.50 you can relax in your chair and have a professional look at that car for you.

Getting back to local auctions for a moment, buying a car and eBay might be pretty safe, and were pretty sure the price of be the best to find online, how do you find locally. Well that’s what they do at carsellerauctions.com. Basically it’s a well-organized listing of local eBay motors auctions organized by major U.S. city and state saving you hours of searching. Also there are resources information and comparisons and valuable links to help you make the right vehicle choice.

So there you have it, buying a vehicle at a local online car auction is not a daunting task. Snoop around the car seller auctions.com site and find a vehicle you want, and a vehicle that is local to you.

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