Major Area Of Specialization For Dentists

Major Area of Specialization for Dentists


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Dentists in Surrey are experts in offering better solutions concerned with oral care. The oral care is not only to take care of tooth, gums and surrounding skin, it is also broadly divided into two parts – the oral cavity including mouth and the maxillofacial area including neck, jaw and face.

Dental specialization requires additional education and training other than basic knowledge of a broad range of products like braces, tooth extractions, certain therapies and dental surgeries. On the basis of specialization, modern dentists in Surrey can be classified into:



Pedodontics are also called as pediatric dentists, specialized in offering oral care and treatments to young children including infants and teens. They achieve the specialization by attending the dental schools for four years including two to three years of education and training in pediatric oral care.

Oral surgeons

Oral or maxillofacial surgeons are dental experts, specialized in diagnosing and preventing different defects and injuries concerned with the maxillofacial area including tooth, face, gums, neck and jaw. The oral surgeons play a crucial role in treating the persons with facial trauma, congenital malformations and lot more concerns of critical oral health.


Orthodontists are those who use braces and other equipment to straighten the teeth of individuals. Today, orthodontic treatment is also available for adults along with pre teens and teens. Whatever the age of a person is, these experts can assist one with well-aligned smile or facial jaw lines along with offering solutions for other critical cosmetic dentistry needs. The orthodontics always consider developing an individualized treatment plan including facial and intraoral photographs, cephalometric X-rays, facial and functional evaluation in order to formulate the best suitable treatment plan for the individual.

Oral Maxillofacial Radiologists

Oral Maxillofacial Radiologists or OMRs offer services more than that a general dentist offers. They operate radioactive equipment for patient diagnosis and treatment when necessary. The OMRs perform complex oral surgeries than simple dental implants, tooth extractions and simple dental surgeries. They work in different areas like conducting research, teaching in dental schools and providing radiographic services in a private setting.

Along with these, dentists in Surrey are classified into more types on the basis of their specialization like prosthodontist, oral pathologist and more. With having a lot of differences in the nature of work and specialties; all these experts can be regarded as oral health care providers who can assist individuals in taking better care of their teeth, gums and mouth.

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