National Safety Regulations

By Brenda Williams

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States regulates the safety standards of motor vehicles bought and sold within the country. These regulations are put into use to keep the drivers and passengers of all types of motor vehicles safe when on the roads. There are hundreds of vehicle safety regulations across the country today that are enforced by vehicle manufacturers, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the NHTSA and state and local law enforcement agencies.

One of the most important safety regulations in the country today is the placement of the vehicle’s controls and displays on the dashboard. The government regulates that the most important controls and displays be within reach of the driver when being restrained by a safety belt and that certain controls mounted on the dashboard should be labeled.

Another highly important safety regulation is the requirement for all motor vehicles to have rear view mirrors installed in the cars. The rear view mirrors must be located inside and outside of the vehicle. They are manufactured to reduce the number of deaths and injuries that occur on the roads each year. These mirrors are installed on a vehicle so that the driver has a clear and unobstructed view of the rear of their car and other cars approaching them.


Seat belts have been used in vehicle for a handful of decades now and they have been directly related to the reduced number of serious injuries and deaths on the roads when accidents occur. The safety regulation for seat belts includes anything related or used in seat belt installment. The requirements for the assembly and installation of seat belts includes straps, webbing, buckles, fasteners and all hardware used in the installation and usage of seat belts. Aside from seat belts, bumpers are required on all vehicles that hit the roads. Bumpers are used to reduce the amount of damage to vehicles involved in front end or rear collisions. They also help to limit the impact of the collision.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released one of their most comprehensive reports about the safety of motorists and their passengers on non-public highways. The report concluded that over 1,700 fatalities and over 840,000 injuries occur each year due to accidents off of public highways. Another study released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration details the new numbers regarding highway fatalities. The study shows that there have been a record low number of highway fatalities. In the year 2007, between the months of January to October, there were 34,502 motorists killed on the roads of America. In 2008, between the months of January to October, there were 31,110 motorists killed on the roads of America.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also released information regarding safety recalls on different cars across the country. Motorists can now be instantly informed about safety recalls regarding their car with a new automated alert system. These alerts can be received via email with a computer, on a cell phone or a PDA device and they are free of charge.

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