Obtaining An Insurance Policy Through The Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan

By R Daniel Williams

While a car insurance policy can benefit a lot of people, not everybody can be qualified enough to get approved for an insurance. Especially when you are identified as a high-risk driver, companies will not anymore bother to take a look at the documents that you have submitted for application. But with the birth of the assigned risk program of the Pennsylvania auto insurance, people can now say goodbye to this kind of dilemma.

The state of Pennsylvania is known to be one of those that require every vehicle owner to carry Pennsylvania auto insurance. But with the changing lifestyles of people that somehow pose an effect on their risk ratings as car automobile owners, not all of them may be approved of the Pennsylvania auto insurance. That is why the assigned risk program was made for these high-risk drivers.

So who exactly are these high-risk drivers? To become one of those that fall under the high-risk category, there are factors that are taken into account. Some of them may be the age, the crime rate of the city where the driver is residing, and the model of the vehicle to be insured. And when you are unfortunate enough to be classified under the high-risk category, you could still qualify for the assigned risk program.

So what can the assigned risk program do for you? This program is the last resort of people that cannot get an approval of the commercial insurance companies. However, while approval is always sure since it is the state that makes the program possible, a higher premium payment can be expected due to the greater risk that will be taken on.


So how can you obtain an assigned risk plan? Take note of the following steps towards a successful application.

– Consult an insurance agent. Seek his advice on where and how to get an assigned risk plan.

– Be reminded that your agent will not immediately go after the assigned risk program for you and instead, he will make an effort to seek for a normal insurance coverage first.

– Only after three failed attempts of getting an approval for a normal coverage will your agent start to apply for the assigned risk plan.

– The agent will complete an application form and submit the same to the appropriate state department handling the processing.

– In your application form, the insurance agent will explain that you are classified under the high-risk category but you need car insurance so that you can drive around legally.

– However, if you don’t want to bear additional costs in consulting with an insurance agent, you can also apply for an assigned risk plan by yourself. Just go directly to the state’s insurance department so you can be assisted in searching for an insurance company that can accommodate you.

Getting a car insurance has never been this easy. Through the help of the assigned risk program, people can now sit behind the steering wheel without the fear of getting trapped in between the consequences of an accident.

About the Author: 1984 Univ of Pitt Grad Founded Williams Agency in 1986 Am currently active as owner. Happy to serve over 3500 Pa residents with better insurance at much lower prices.

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