Parking Lot Striping – Staying Safe Between The Lines


Unless you own a commercial building or are in charge of managing a property, you may not realize the importance of proper parking lot maintenance. Every office, retail establishment, and residential building rely on the services of pavement specialists who ensure that the parking lots are safe for drivers and pedestrians to use.

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There are Parking Lot Safety RegulationsWhile some rules of the road do not apply to a parking lot, there are certain safety requirements to which property owners must adhere if their building has a parking lot. The stripes and pavement markers within a parking lot are all there for a reason. In addition to paving and maintaining asphalt conditions in parking lots, the majority of pavement professionals specialize in parking lot striping. Minneapolis business owners rely on these pros to maintain their pavement and stripe their parking lots. In many states, the law requires that every parking lot be painted with a fresh coat of reflective paint every couple of years.

Why Parking Lot Striping is so ImportantStriping helps optimize the flow of traffic in a parking lot. In addition to making parking lots safe for drivers, stripes and markings in a parking lot create a safe environment for employees and visitors to a business. Over time, parking lot stripes will fade due to weather conditions and regular traffic.

A fresh coat of paint draws attention to assigned parking spots, indicates the direction of traffic and makes it safer for pedestrians and drivers to manoeuver without accidents. Parking lot striping is also a great way to direct customers to your business. Without clear directives, you could potentially put your clients in jeopardy of hitting other drivers or being hit themselves, whether in a car or on foot.

Parking Lot EfficiencyThe next time you are in a parking lot, take a moment to look at all of the markings on the pavement. There should be a fire lane, pedestrian signs or crosswalks, handicapped parking spots, no parking zones and other important safety markers. Without clear parking lot striping, Minneapolis lots would be chaotic and dangerous. Safety and efficiency are key reasons why proper parking lot striping is critical whether the parking lot serves employees, residents or customers.

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