Types And Uses Of Check Valve

Types and Uses of Check Valve


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A check valve is used in wide range of piping utilized in transporting liquids or to keep the fluids or gases separate in the piping. Such valves enable the release of content only in a single direction. In some cases, it does not have external handle to make them work and they automatically work on internal pressure basis.

Because they are used in various types of industries, they are manufactured in alloy steel, carbon steel or stainless steel. Depending on the size that you need, you can always find one that is based on the piping you are using. Though it is designed on basic standard, but for different industries, these valves are further customized according to their specific criteria.

The most important thing that should be considered in the installation of valves in a piping is its cracking pressure or the pressure opening the valves and therefore selecting the right fit for the piping is very important. It is used to help prevent the reverse flow of gases or fluids present in the pipe system. Industries also use it to shield other parts of the pipeline against damage by blocking back flow and to stop the flow due to pressure variations or gravity.


The first one is known as stop check valve. This check valve type is designed to cut-off the supply of gas, oil, water or other liquids regardless of the flow direction. As the name implies, it can stop the flow of contents no matter what the external pressure is.

On the other hand, Ball check valve is a spherical metallic ball that can cut off the flow. This is commonly used in pipe systems carrying liquid or gel contents. In some designs the ball is manufactured from ruby. On Lift check valve, its disc is lifted to accommodate the liquid flow. The valve will close when the pressure has receded. The last type is known as diaphragm check valve that features a flexible diaphragm which opens and closes depending on the pressure and flow in the pipeline.

In addition to the types of check valves mentioned, there are also other designs of check valves and each of them has given rise to different categories, for instance bulky lift type of check valves are replaceable with wafer variety.


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are huge category and they are most often used in water, oil, gas or chemical in various industries. There are also being used in fire systems as a dry pipe fire sprinkler system. In every application, a check valve prevents the

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of fluids or gas into the piping system. Depending on your industry, you might have some special requirements on the type of check valve that you should be getting. Hence it is important that you assess your needs first before hitting the market to make buying easy and not a waste of money or time.

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