Useful Computer Cables In The Age Of Wi Fi

Submitted by: Mukesh K Gupta

Life without computers, laptops and similar gadgets are more difficult than what we could had said decade back. With improvement and advancement in technology, rigid and huge desktops were converted to portable laptops and these are now in our palm of as smartphones and PDA. Technology also got us connectivity improvement from wired cables to Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity but was unable to replace wires.

Wires still play preponderance role in our gadgets world till date and have no scene of getting replaced in near future. There are few certain types of few common and useful wires that everyone should be aware about; viz:

USB Data Cables and Connectors:

There are vast varieties of USB wires and connectors that cannot be possibly be jotted on piece of paper. Almost every input and output devices that have a possibility of connection are via USB wires. From mouse, keyboard, music players, phones, printers, etc. are now into USB connectors.

Audio Cables:

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Headphone jacks or TSR connectors are first that strike when there are discussions about audio wires. This type of cable is majorly supported by all the music or media players as their connection with other gadgets and devices. Such audio cables might also include woofer wires varying in colours like pink, green, blue, black, golden, grey, etc. Another type of audio cables available is called Digital optic audio for connection between high end DVD players and music players for output purpose.

Video Cables:

VGA cables one of the most commonly used connectors used in computer monitors and digital television. These cables are now being replaced rapidly with the growing production of LCD and LED monitors i.e. DVI and HDMI cables.

DVI Cables: Digital Video Interface cables are replacement to vintage VGA cables used in CRT monitors. These cables are best after HDMI to render high resolution images to LCD and LED monitors of present day. There are converters available for these 29 pin headed wires to convert to HDMI or from VGA.

AVI Cables: Also known as RCA cables are still of great help and of use in DVD players, gaming stations, etc. These cables are split in three colours with different functions assigned to each of them i.e. Yellow cable is for composite video, Red for right audio, White (or black) for left channels.

HDMI Cables: High Definition cables are used for high quality picture resolution (1920 1200) rendered by LCD & LED monitors and blue-ray players. These cables provide both; audio and video output with standard length of 5meters long up to 15meters.

Data Cables:

Firewire cables: These cables are also known as IEEE 1394, Lynx or I.LINK cables are replacement or alternative to USB cables. These fire wires are commonly used for connecting portable hard disks and camcorders or ad-hoc network connection.


RJ11 Cable: These are common telephone cables used for connecting internet via DSL/ADSL routers. These cables again have four different colour wires pinned in one single clipping socket.

Ethernet Cable:

One of the most common uses of these 8pins Cat5 cables is networking. These cables are also known as RJ45 with proper clip bounding wider and thicker wall size.

About the Author: The author has in depth knowledge of the computer cables, hdmi high speed cables and all types of cables used in developing the efficient networks.


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