Venture Capital Funds Target Strategic Emerging Industries

By Weihua

Recently, the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and the Jilin Provincial Government announced, Jilin national biological industry venture capital funds and automotive electronics industries set up venture capital funds. Thus, the last country for setting up the first 20 countries for the new industries of strategic venture capital fund has 16 public listing. According to report, has established 16 funds in the established pattern, direction of investment, local features such as fully reflects the state of mind when planning last year.

Government only as a “guide”

National Industry Fund was established in Jilin meeting, the National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Gu Dawei high-tech industry, “said Jilin two distinctive characteristics of the Fund is entirely market-oriented management, a change in the past the ‘Government to spend money the government to manage’ the old model; Government funding as a guide, to raise more funds from the community. “

In a half months ago, the Beijing Municipal Government equity participation plan to establish national emerging venture capital industry’s first four venture capital funds into the real operational phase. General concern for the government market, “offside” Phenomenon, Director of Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission Fei Xiang high-tech industries, “said the strategic new industry in the cultivation, the government only for guidance, and to attract social capital participation, and further change the government’s investment . “

According to reports, Beijing is the first seven pilot provinces and cities nationwide, the only one to publicly solicit, review determine Ventures Partners. After expert review and the National Development and Reform Commission, the Treasury confirmed that the finalization of Zhongguancun Industrial (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Qiming Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. Chong Yuan, enlightening venture capital management companies, investment Beijing Fu convergence power centers 4 cooperative enterprises as the first venture capital institutions.

It is understood, Infotech Ventures Co., Ltd. participated in the preparation Beijing four funds, the responsible company who told reporters: “We have invested on behalf of the State Development and Reform Commission, 20%, this group was established in Beijing four funds each fund invested 50 million yuan. Beijing Municipal Engineering Consulting Corporation on behalf of the Beijing municipal government funded ratio as we. rest of the country have set up this fund. “

Previously, high-tech investment in China Investment Limited as the National Development and Reform Commission, commissioned by the Ministry of Finance commissioned the management of institutions, and Shanghai in biological medicine, new materials, software and information services, new energy, co-sponsored by the areas of integrated circuits the establishment of five high-tech venture capital funds, including the Shanghai joint venture capital fund rise of new materials, Shanghai 1000 Ji biomedical venture capital fund, the Shanghai Five Star software and information services space-time venture capital funds.


“Venture Capital Industry in Chongqing City, the local co-propelled into the national development of a new stage.” Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission responsible person of the two funds set up in Chongqing, China named Ben electronic information industry and new energy venture capital fund venture capital , capitalization of 10 billion yuan, the NDRC and the Ministry of Finance invested 100 million yuan. Both funds will be in Chongqing City, the areas of electronics and information industry to identify suitable business, a “wise investment investment” approach, not only invested, will also participate in business management, introduction to business customers, open up markets.

Directed strategic emerging industries

Reporter from Beijing, Jilin, Hunan and other provinces and cities understand that the government has been established to guide the Fund in accordance with relevant state regulations are directed at strategic new industries.

It is understood that, recently, led by the National Development and Reform Commission, together with Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance and other departments of new industries set up the general concept of strategic inter-ministerial coordination group of 30 research groups conduct research in Changsha. New industries of strategic national inter-ministerial coordination team drafting team leader, the State Development and Reform Commission Zhang Xiaoqiang, deputy director of personally led.

According to reports, Hunan and the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance jointly funded, initiated the establishment of information, biological medicine, new energy, and three new industries of strategic venture capital fund, has settled in City Group test area. These three funds will be directly facing the future of the strategic new industry.

Guo Junfeng, general manager of engineering consulting firm in Beijing, said, “We are commissioned by the Development and Reform Commission strategic emerging industries in the construction of the project database, we are bringing together people, docking services for the project.”

It is understood that Beijing and the authorities concerned on the “money pool” in the use of venture capital funds have strict requirements. Beijing demands the establishment of the pilot fund shares in line with national strategic development of new industry-oriented funds 80% of the scale to invest in industries with distinctive characteristics in the field; Fund, with 70% invested in Beijing region, focusing on independent innovation in Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone enterprise development; Funds in 60% of early and medium enterprises to invest in the investment stage start-ups, growth of innovative enterprises and non-listed high-tech enterprises.

Reflect local economic character

The past six months, the domestic venture capital funds 7 pilot provinces and cities in the eastern part of the order of high-profile debut in Beijing, Shanghai, central Hunan, Jilin Northeast. Chongqing, the only selection of the pilot in the western provinces. Although venture capital is still in Chongqing, “childhood”, but the State Development and Reform Commission deputy director Gu Dawei high-tech but with great hope, “Chongqing has a good high-tech base, industrial base and development potential, which is state in the western Chongqing Development and Reform Commission is an important cause. “

This reporter learned that, at present, the emerging industry of Chongqing as information, biology, new materials and new energy and high-tech industries as the mainstay. Last year, the city’s high-tech industry achieved sales revenue of approximately 130 billion yuan, an increase worth about 40 billion yuan, respectively, 8.5 times more directly under the beginning of the growth and 5.3-fold. Now, the city, about 1,200 high-tech enterprises, SMEs account for about 85%. More and more enterprises to venture capital more and more intense thirst.

Jilin Province Development and Reform Commission official told reporters, “Jilin two countries to guide the Fund’s creation, fully taking into account the province’s auto industry, technology and industrial base.” He said, Jilin Automotive Electronics Industry Venture Capital Investment by the China Galaxy Co., Ltd., Infotech Ventures Co., Ltd. (on behalf of the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance funded), Jilin Venture Capital Fund Ltd (on behalf of Jilin government-funded), Changchun High-tech Venture Capital Group Co., Ltd. 4 co-sponsored set up, the total fund size of 1 billion yuan, a registered capital of 270 million yuan.

“We are in consultation with the relevant state ministries, the establishment of new energy fund is based on the Hunan Province in this regard related resources and technical Bijiao a base.” Hunan Province Development and Reform Commission the official said that the orientation of investment learned ? fund focused on renewable energy, energy saving and Pai, cleaning and environmental protection fields. Fund sponsors after preparation, has reserves of energy-saving pumps, high-power wind turbine converter industrialization, lithium ion battery cathode materials, projects, new energy funds to be put in place the first phase of fundraising, you can enter the investment phase.

It is reported that Hunan national venture capital fund investments in emerging industries overall strategic requirements, planning a long-term development, and highlight the characteristics of Hunan. Include new materials, biotechnology, advanced equipment, information, new energy, environmental protection and aerospace industry, special planning.

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