What You Need To Know About Gynecomastia Surgery

By Cynthia Wang

Scared to face the knife? You may have tried all the possible ways to treat Gynecomastia and still have those embarrassing flabby breasts. If that’s the case, your wish to achieve that firm, sexy chest might only be possible through Gynecomastia surgery. Although it seems so awkward, but the truth is, still many men opt not to undergo surgical procedure because of their fear.

Being afraid of Gynecomastia surgery most of the time results to a decision to stop working it out. Some maybe afraid of experiencing pain, some are scared of blood, the knife, the surgeon, or wounds. However, being acquainted with the procedure will lessen those fears. Below is a summary of what you should know and what you shall expect prior to surgery. These might help in alleviating the fear of going under the knife.

1. Gynecomastia surgery is an uncomplicated operation. Liposuction is the most common procedure being done. This involves taking-off the excessive fatty layer of the breast to reduce its size by using a vacuum-like apparatus. Excision of the sagging tissues follows, and then the excess skin is trimmed and stretched before the final stitching.

2. This surgical procedure is invasive; however, prognosis after the surgery is very good. As a minor surgical procedure, Gynecomastia surgery still involves some risks. Complications may also occur but are rarely reported.


3. The cosmetic surgeon first makes visible marks to the patient’s chest prior to surgery. Before excising any tissue, the surgeon calculates the correct symmetry of the breasts so as not to make them lop-sided after the surgery.

4. Adverse situations might happen during the course and after the operation. This includes massive blood loss, and poor or delay in wound healing.

5. Since this is cosmetic in nature, Insurance companies may not cover the costs for Gynecomastia surgery. The patient shoulders the surgeon’s professional fee as well as the anesthesiologist’s fee, post-operative medications, and the hospital fee. However, there are some cosmetic clinics that offer financing method to patients who cannot afford the whole surgical costs.

6. Choosing the best surgeon is the most critical factor in determining the success of Gynecomastia surgery. You should be assured that the surgeon is licensed and has many years of experience with successful outcomes. Always bear in mind that a surgeon’s skill is not measured by his or her knowledge about the procedure but is rather evaluated by his or her previous client’s satisfaction.

7. Before deciding to go under the knife, make sure that you are ready to take the risks and ready to shoulder the expenses. The presence of a social support group is very essential prior to making the decision and during your recovery.

It is understood that a surgical procedure might involve some discomfort afterwards. But being aware about this ahead of time somehow gives us an idea of what should be done. Being the last resort to treat Gynecomastia, surgery will in turn give the best and fastest result that you’ve always wanted. So if fear hinders you from achieving an improved body image, now is the time to be man enough.

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